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Successfully installed a dimmer switch in my closet. Now my bathroom lights don't work.

I installed a dimmer swtich in my closet and when I turned the power back on, the dimmer switch worked but none og the lights or outlets in the bathroom next to it work now. I tried switching all the breakers back off and on again, hitting reset on the outlets in the bathroom and I took the dimmer back out to see if any other wires got pulled loose when I was puttting it back in. Not sure what my next option is besides calling an electrician :(

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Posted 2013-10-27T23:02:04+0000  by nola1978 nola1978


Remove the dimmer, pull all the wires straight out of the box and remove all wire nuts you find. Make sure all wires connected together are in fact connected together and remake, tighten, twist hardily, them anyway.  Make sure you have a good mechanical joint before re-installing wire nuts. Twist wire nuts hardily and use pliers, not just your  fingers. Fold wires back into box and ascertain if problem still exists before reinstalling dimmer (leave hot wire and switchleg disconnected. Still no bathroom?  Then you'll need to go to the panel, remove the cover and make sure power is actually present at each breaker. Make sure you've turned all breakers completely off and reset them hoping you missed one the first time. If problem persists, pull the cover. You will need some way to check the breakers but if you aren't comfortable pulling the cover, yes, you need an Electrician. Certain brands of breakers don't indicate a tripped state that's easily seen eg. General Electric, Home Line, etc. If a breaker doesn't click firmly when resetting it may need another all the way off and back on treatment. 

Good luck,


Posted 2013-10-28T00:32:14+0000  by Zappenfusen

I'd suspect you wired something wrong.  Any chance you can pull out the dimmer and take a couple of pictures (a couple or three from different angles would be best).


At this point, I wouldn't suspect a breaker as the closet light is working.  Resetting any GFCI receptacles and/or breakers is a good idea.

Posted 2013-10-28T13:17:02+0000  by Adam444

If it's a relatively new home the baths should be on independent 20 amp circuits. Have you had any success with the problem?

Posted 2013-10-28T15:33:29+0000  by Zappenfusen
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