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Summers Lace: Lace Cap Hydrangea and Queen Anne's Lace

There is nothing more breathtaking in a summer garden than a full grown, Blue Wave lace cap hydrangea. The flower heads of a lace cap can spread anywhere from 4 to 8 inches across.  The blooms are naturally blue in color, but the hue can be altered with the alkalinity of the soil. Like most hydrangeas they prefer more shade than sun and well-drained, sandy, soil; that may explain why they do so well at the seashore.


Queen Anne’s lace is another summer blooming beauty. The creamy white blooms are a native wildflower throughout much of the United States. The swinging and swaying flower heads dance in the wind on the sandy coastlines and on the edges of parking lots and city sidewalks.


The intricate blossoms on close examination are a cluster of what seems like hundreds and hundreds of teeny-tiny flowers to make the flat umbel flower head. The lace cap sits on a long slender stem with fern like foliage and can grow 2-4 feet tall. The sturdy, yet delicate bi-annual can self-sow by the tumbleweed like seed head that forms when the blooms have past.

The summer is passing quickly, take a few minutes to look around and find the blossoms of the Queen Anne’s lace, (they are there) and examine the wonders of nature in the beauty of its teeny-tiny, lacey petals. 

Enjoy the summer one blossom at a time!    Maureen

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Posted 2015-08-04T18:16:57+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS