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Sun Screens

I am looking to put sun screens on my windows.  I have no idea how to go about it. Most advice I am getting is just by some sun shade cut to size and tack it up.  I am not sure that is the look I am going for.  Does anyone have any suggestions on something else.  I am looking to do this myself. :) THANKS!

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Posted 2011-04-21T17:49:10+0000  by ShanaD ShanaD

Hey ShanaD,


I was actually just looking up sun screening at the store the other day. There are some very cool products out their for screening.


Do you have regular screens on all your windows?


Basically you will use the frame of the existing screens. Remove the old screen material and spline ( the rubber rope holding the screen into the frame).  Then you just replace it with the new sun screening material and new spline. Here are the basic steps to how to replace screening. CLICK HERE.


If this doens't work you can also make a whole screen pretty easiely. Let me know if this helps. -Gregg

Posted 2011-04-21T18:32:10+0000  by gotogregg

Thanks so much, any suggestions on if the window has half a screen?  My screens are located on the bottom half (or were it opens) of the window. But i would like to cover the whole window because the insulation is popping out because of the direct sunlite.

Posted 2011-04-21T18:42:21+0000  by ShanaD


Well most windows have the option for a half screen or full screen. You can most likely remove the half screen and install a full screen.


Building the frame for a window screen is actually a lot easier than it sounds. First you have to measure. On the outside of the window there is a track that hold the screen. Measure the width and height of that to determain the size of the screen frame.


You can construct the frame using aluminum screen frame and premade corners. Cut the screen frames with a small hack saw. They cut easiely. Then put them together with the corner piece.

frame.jpgcorners.jpg The corner pieces fit right into the ends of the frame pieces.


You can also get a kit to add pulls  for easy removal and tension springs to hold the screen in place.



Then you add the screening material and spline. After the sun screen is installed in the new frame you can put it in by removing the sashes of the window from the inside. Hope this helps.


Click any picture for more info on the products-Gregg

Posted 2011-04-21T19:08:48+0000  by gotogregg
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