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I get a lot of questions from people asking what houseplants are toxic and nontoxic, sometimes they all are hard to remember, so here a good list of them.


The number for The National Poison Center is 800-222-1222





antherium.jpg azalea.jpg caladium.jpg

 Calla lily

 Chinese evergreen--many varieties

Dumb cane- difenbachia--many varieties

calla lillies.jpgchinese evergreen1.jpgdiffenbachia.jpg


 Elephant’s ear

English ivy

 Fishtail palm

elephant ear.jpg english ivy.jpg fishtail pallm.jpg

Philodendron-many varieties-including pothos



Philodendron_selloum.jpg philodendron-pothos.jpg spathyphylum.jpg


Some plants that can be brought indoors during the Holidays can be poisonous also-

daffodil and hyacinth in the spring.


Beware of a lot of the holiday greens, mistletoe, mountain laurel, yew and holly berries; these are poisonous too.


I will be following this up with a post on Safe house plants, so be sure to follow!



hope this helps!:smileywink:


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