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Taking Our Homes Back from Ants

Howdy Everyone,

Most of us enjoy the safety and security of our homes so when uninvited guests decide to annoy us, it’s time to get a plan of action.  Yes, I’m talking about ants.

Most ants usually enter our homes while they are looking for food or water. Once the scout ants find a source of food, they will quickly notify the rest of the colony.

Shortly after, you’ll notice more ants in a single-file line traveling to the food. Let’s go over some ideas to keep these invaders out of our homes. Let’s look at some methods of keep ants away:


1) A physical barrier- consists of using caulk or expanding foam to seal up possible points of entry. Although it may seem almost impossible to seal up every crevice, this method has had great results in many homes.



2) The chemical barrier- such as Ortho Home Defense, Raid Bug Barrier, Safer Diatomaceous Earth are just some of the sprays and powders available to keep ants from invading.




3) Part of the chemical barrier idea is bait. The idea behind this is the ants carry the poison back to the nest and hopefully eradicate it. Amdro, Terro, and Raid are just some of the baits that have a proven track record of reducing the numbers of ants around your home.



4) Deterrence- is the best way to get rid of ants is to prevent them from ever considering your home an easy target. Using stuff like; Caulk, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Peppermint Oil, Coffee Grounds, Chalk, and Baby Powder around the outside of your home is a natural way to keep ants from coming to your home.


A final tip would be to keep your house free of crumbs, especially the kitchen, as ants get attracted by food sources. Throwing trash out as soon as it possible will keep your home from being on the list of kitchens the ants want to go to.


Happy Living,

Coach Dave

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Posted 2016-07-15T00:15:20+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC
Nice article Dave.

Depending on where you live, certain kinds of ants pose challenges to controlling them.
Here in the midwest, we have all kinds of ants.  Ant insecticides of all types kill most of them, but carpenter ants are harder to get rid of, and many baits and sprays won't kill them.

Every spring I use ant stakes every 3' along one side of my home foundation when the carpenter ants show up.  Within a few days the ants are gone, and won't return until the next spring when I do the same thing all over again.  The stakes I use will kill carpenter ants, those big black ones that love to eat wood.  They work by killing the whole colony, using a bait that is carried back to the queen.

This is what I use:

Amdro Ant Stakes


Posted 2016-07-15T13:49:38+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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