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Tall Fescue lawn questions

I had tall fescue lawn(sod) installed last October and i have a few questions i was hoping you could help me with:

1. I am a rookie with lawn care and was wondering if you could point me to helpful links on how to maintain this type of lawn in the orange county, CA climate.

2. Should i be fertilizing now(all i have done is water and cut since it was planted so far) and what type of fertilizer would you recommend?

3. Should i add seed to help strengthen/thicken it(maybe a seed/fertilizer combo?)?

4.  Over the last 3 weeks or so I noticed that the areas of lawn that get the most sun have not been looking as good or growing nearly as well as the areas that have some shade, do i need to water more or something?  -shaded areas have grown tall and the sunny areas have hardly grown and have some leaf tip browning


appreciate any helpful tips i can get.






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Posted 2013-05-06T05:57:08+0000  by kred kred


Hi there kred,


I’m Jen, from The Home Depot.   Welcome to the community!


Yes, you should be fertilizing, to keep your lawn strong and green.  I went on the Scotts website and here is a link to a lawn care program for Orange County.  You can modify it by putting in your zip code so it will be more exact.


The areas that are in the sun may need more water than the shady areas.  For a healthy lawn, water deep and provide 1" of water per week.  This way, the roots will run deep and have a better chance of survival during a drought.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.  We have an on-line team that is from Orange County and I'm sure they will be very helpful in providing additional answers.

Posted 2013-05-07T18:18:10+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS

Hi kred,


One of the most beneficial things you can do for those dry areas in your lawn is aeration. It should be done both Spring and Fall. Core aeration machines can be rented locally or there are many service providers that offer lawn aeration services. Lawn aeration will enable water and nutrients to reach the root zone where it is needed most and help your grass better survive dry conditions. The best time to fertilize is right after the lawn has been aerated. Here is a link to an article on aeration "Lawn Aeration is the secret to a healthy lawn" that be helpful.


Turfman/ScienturficSod/local sod supplier for the Colorado Home Depot Stores


Posted 2013-05-10T13:57:38+0000  by Turfman
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