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Team Color painting logos??

I was looking at the team colors brochure for glidden paints sold at home depot, and really like the ideas.  I would like to paint my teams colors on a game room wall but was wondering if there are any stencils sold or instructions on how to get the logo perfect like in the photos.  Anyone out there done this before?

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Posted 2011-02-09T20:17:36+0000  by beanfly8 beanfly8

Hi Beanfly8, a color coordinated team-themed room sounds like a really fun project. Unfortunately Home Depot doesn't carry team logo stencils. However I talked with Shecandoit22 who has a fair amount of practice using stencils. Her top tip was to use Con-Tact paper (shelf lining paper) as the stencil as it will stick onto your painted surface and can be removed without damaging the paint underneath it (as long as it is appropriately dried of course). 


As far as the stencil goes you could have the image blown up at a copy store and then trace that design onto your Con-Tact paper. Or you could tap into your artistic side and draw it out by hand. The nice thing about doing the stencil by hand is that if you make a mistake it isn't a big deal, as only the pattern that you end up cutting out will ever make its way onto your walls. 


I hope this helps Beanfly8 I'd love to see the finished product (unless it is a Spurs themed room of course)! :smileyvery-happy:



Posted 2011-02-09T21:50:54+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Your project is probably done, but there are a couple of solutions for your logo problem. One is DIY, the other requires using your wallet. The latter option is a company called Fathead ( They are licensed by the major sports leagues, as well as, many college conferences and schools. While they're official, they can be quite a hit to the wallet.


The second option is much cheaper. For around $30 you can purchase a book projector at some place like Hobby Lobby or some toy stores. If you know of someone with access to an overhead projector or a computer monitor projection unit these will work the same way. The next step is to find the logo, design or scene you want to paint and print it on a standard size sheet of paper (or in the case of an overhead projector, using a copy machine transfer it to a transparency sheet). Now with the image projected onto the wall, just lightly trace the design onto the wall with a pencil.

Posted 2011-09-04T04:26:09+0000  by Paul
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