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Tearing down upstairs hallway stairwalls to add spindles

So I'm planning to tear down my upstairs wall that borders the hallway to add spindles.... And I'm just wondering, how would I go about doing this and the things I would need to get started

Also I will post pictures up tomorrow ASAP so you guys can get a clue on wat I'm working with.
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Posted 2013-09-30T04:50:18+0000  by YeahyeahokOk YeahyeahokOk

Hello:smileyhappy: So sorry it took so long to get back to you...Have you started your project yet? 


Without the pics. - I am assuming that you are referring to a knee wall (a half wall with maybe a shelf).  


The very first thing to do is inspect the wall to see if there are any utilities present - like electrical outlets, phone lines, etc.Also, consider the flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile?).


If all are clear, then you are good to go for the fun part. Demolition:smileylol: 


After you have cleared the wall and all its components you will want to repair the adjoining wall that the knee wall was attached to.  Use drywall, joint tape and compound to fix those areas before moving on to any other steps. 


Next, you will want to add a bottom plate of wood to support the spindles. This should match the existing design of your steps and other spindles.  Usually a 1x6x3/4 oak board is standard. You may want to pre-drill 3/4" holes for the spindles before installing.


*check your local building codes.


The next big step is getting a handrail that you like and stalling it to the posts and wall. This one step is arguably the most important and the most serious.  The rail should be between 32 - 36 inches off the base. You may want to install a half Newel post or just a round cap on the wall and attach the other end on the main Newel post. 


Lastly, install the spindles either by nailing wooden ones in place or by sliding iron ones up and down in place.


I recommend utilizing the community by posting questions about each step along the way. This way you will get a lot more tips and specifics.


Posted 2013-11-04T14:44:26+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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