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Television Studio Platform Riser

Hello, I trying to build  a television studio for my church, and I would like to create a round riser or platform that can be moved and arranged, sorta like the image below. Guess I'm wondering what type of material do they use for  the platform to make it strong enough to hold a couple of adult men, and furniture, and allow it to be moveable, and if it is wood how do they make it curved and is it drywall on the sides or wood?







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Posted 2012-03-06T07:01:10+0000  by jjohnson1032 jjohnson1032

Hello jjohnson1032,


Welcome to the community.


This sounds like a fun project to build.


I would build the frame work out of 2” x 6” lumber at 16”-24” on center. You mentioned that you want to make it round. There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish that. Depending on how tight of a radius you want will determine how you’re going to cover the face of the platform.


If the radius is going to be like the one in the picture then I would use a 1” x 6” board and make relief cuts about every inch or so on the back side. The cuts should leave about 3/16”-¼” of the board. This will allow you to curve it around the frame. If the board is really dry then you might need to wet it to soften the fibers so it won’t crack on you. The wider the relief cuts the tighter the radius.


If you are going to make an actual circle than I would just cut down a ¼” piece of plywood to the size that you need and attach it to the frame. This will allow you to create a tighter radius.


Now as far as making it so that it moves you will want to install wheels that stick out about 1” from the bottom of the platform. If you install a cross piece of a 2” x 6” in between the joists flat against where the underside of the floor will be and then install a 5” swivel caster it will give you a 1” clearance between the ground and the platform. Make sure that the wheels that you choose are rated for the weight of your platform.

                                              Platform wheel diagram.jpg

Now that you have built the frame, covered the face and installed the wheels it’s time to put the actual floor on. I would use screws to attach ¾”-1” T&G (tongue and groove) sheeting it will keep the joints tight and in-line.


Once you have the floor all screwed into place you can finish it off with a small trim piece of either molding or 1” trim boards. Make sure and allow for whatever flooring you’re going to lay. You may want the trim boards to be raised to the same height as that flooring.


Now all you need to do is paint or stain the face and trim of the platform and you’re good to go.


I hope this has helped you out with how to build the platform for your television studio.


Take some pictures of your studio once you finish it and post them here on the community. I would love to see how everything turns out.


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. I would love to help.

Posted 2012-03-09T19:17:53+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

thank you so much, this really helps

Posted 2012-03-12T20:14:59+0000  by jjohnson1032

Your welcome.


Let me know if you have any other questions on this project or any other one. The community is always here to lend a helping hand. Well at least a few helpful words anyway. :smileywink:


Let us know how your studio turns out or better yet take some pictures and do a follow up post to show us all how great it looks.


I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Posted 2012-03-14T15:13:54+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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