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Temporary Backsplash ??

Are there any DIY Temporary backsplashes I can make ?  I'm a renter and cannot make any permanent changes but I would really like to put up a backsplash that I can remove next year or so...without damage? 

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Posted 2011-06-06T13:23:30+0000  by nancyellen nancyellen

Hey nancyellen,


Welcome to the community!


I work in the decor department at my store here in Atlanta, and I just wanted to let you know of some easy backsplash options for you to have that you can easily take off once your lease is up. 


In my area of the store, we sell a pretty durable yet thin thermoplastic panels called Fasade. We've had them in our store for around a year or so, and I've heard positive customer feedback for this product. And it's been a very positive feedback at that!


I would say this would be the best solution for getting a temporary backsplash for many reasons, mainly due to the thinness of the product and how easy it is to get and install. Best of all, at the end of the day, you can remove it without doing any damage to your walls and possibly losing your deposit :smileysurprised:


In the picture below, you can see how the panels work together to form a sleek design. The ones we sell in-stock in our Decor department come in 18" x 24" sizes. While you don't have to cover the entire backsplash, you can do one small section to achieve the look you want...

Fasade panels.JPG


To install them, simply use the double-sided tape that Fasade sells as well beside the panels, the tape looks like what is in the picture below...


To make sure that the tape will not damage your walls or leave adhesive marks, make sure the surface is glossy or slick. That away, you can peel up and clean off the tape easily once you move out.


Fasade panels work great even behind hot stoves, since the thermoplastic can withstand high temperatures and food splatters. You can also purchase edges for them to make them look even better for a finished look. Best of all, when you move, you can take the panels with you! I have provided a few links that will help you decide if this option is the best for you..


Fasade on Home Depot's website


Fasade's website



Now, you do have several other options to choose from as well, like thin sheet metal, tileboard, and even thin wood you can paint. All of these are somewhat heavier than Fasade boards. As for adhering them, I would use a heavier double-sided tape by 3M in small squares to hold them up. But, depending on your size, I would cut the materials in manageable pieces (like 1.5ft. by 3 ft.) and no more than a few pounds to make sure the tape will hold them up. 

Scotch double-sided mounting tape.JPG


There are lots of options you have for creating a backsplash, and I believe that the Fasade panels would be your best choice and solution for a temporary backsplash. To be sure that it will work the best for you, arm yourself with this knowledge and head down to your local Home Depot and see for yourself what you would prefer.


Hope this helps you out, and if you have any further questions, please let us know.





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Posted 2011-06-06T15:14:38+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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