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Textured wall

I have these ugly textured walls in my house. Looks like they made swirls in the plaster when it was wet. We want to make them look like smooth normal walls. How do we do this?

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Posted 2011-03-07T17:53:45+0000  by egreen egreen

Hello egreen and welcome to the community!


Ugly walls huh?

:smileyvery-happy: swirls are not too bad ... I’ve came across a "cup" design where somebody have tried to develop a some kind of  overlapping circle  design with a cup or something of that nature :smileysurprised:

it didn’t look just bad it looked horrifying!


There are three options that you can go with to change an appearance of those ugly walls.


Your first option would be to try to scrape off that swirlisous design of the walls with a flooring scraper.



Use a 5” flooring scraper and gently test on one section of the wall to see how easy the texture comes off. Work in small sections and determine the best angle for the scraper. Also this is a messy job so make sure to keep floors and furniture covered with plastic or painter’s cloth. Scraping will only work successfully if you have a drywall behind the finish, if this is a plaster wall with gauging plaster this technique will most likely not work.

Also misting the surface with water helps with scraping as long as you don’t over spray the area, over spraying will actually make this job even more difficult and you will most likely damage the drywall behind it.

If you do manage to scrape the finish off  prime the walls with stain blocking primer and patch imperfections with light weight drywall compound.


Your second option would be to smooth the walls with drywall compound.


This is only going to work if texture is flat and there is no embossing.

You would simply have to “mud” the entire area with drywall compound and sand afterwards to achieve smooth finish. This is very difficult to accomplish and it is probably the last option you would want to go with.


And finally your last option would be to cover the walls with a thin ¼” drywall.



This is my favorite one and the one that I would recommend in your situation.

Simply install the new ¼” drywall over the existing texture finish with nails and drywall adhesive. Use quality stud finder to locate the studs and install drywall horizontally to avoid tapered joins by the door casings. Finish the joints with drywall mud and prime the surface with a new drywall primer when finished.


Hope this helps and good luck with your project.







Posted 2011-03-07T20:47:44+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Thanks for the help!

I do a lot of plaster mold making for ceramics, so we felt more comfy doing the mud method. Installing dry wall is not my  boyfriends calling in life, we refear to that day as dry wall gate:smileyvery-happy: Just finished the bathroom and it looks so much better! Just have 3 more bedrooms and hallway to do. No more ugly walls in my house! :smileyhappy:


Thanks so much for the help!



Posted 2011-03-11T14:57:33+0000  by egreen
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