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I do love Jack-o-lanterns; I love the endless possibilities of what they will look like, what kind of face they will have; scary, smiling, or creepy.  Some pumpkins end up as a true lantern, with star and moon shaped cutouts and when illuminated the silhouettes casts celestial shadows on the paths, walls and walkways.

I enjoy the whole process, scraping the insides, taking out the slimy guts! 

There is a distinct, earthy aroma that comes from the pulp of a pumpkins insides. The scent  conjures up so many feelings, and memories as soon as you get a deep whiff of the future Jack-O-Lanterns inners.  The smell is kind of like winter squash, or maybe it is the smell of anticipation.... What is to come: a pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin seeds, or just the Jack-O-Lantern itself?


The only thing that I don’t like about Jack-O-Lanterns is that, once you carve into a pumpkins flesh….. Rot is already setting in.  A Jack-o-Lanterns hours to shine are very, very few!!


Jack-O-Lanterns are like sand castles and snowmen, their existence is brief, you enjoy them while you can, but there is so much fun and satisfaction in their creation.


Don’t carve all your pumpkins, leave one or two whole, and unblemished, just dress them up with ribbons, bows and berries, encircle them with mini- lights! Enhance you autumn door step décor without the impending doom of rot.





 Dress your pumpkins in a sweet costume of ribbons; add bows to their stems, make them last untill Thanksgiving!


Leave some of your pumpkins whole, carve them for Thanksgiving Day! You can add a bit of pumpkin flavor to your favorite holiday dinner recipes!  


Just think….. What a warm, and welcoming surprise, a glowing Thank-O-Lantern will be on your door step,  a greeting that all of your Thanksgiving dinner guests are sure to love and comment on!


Start a new tradition….wait…… carve a Thank-O-Lantern!

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