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The 4 Step Floor Care Program by Zep

One of the most routine things you can do in a home or business when it comes to cleaning is maintaining your floors. Our partners in cleaning, Zep, has made it easy for you to get the most and best look from your hard surface floors.

Their 4 step floor care program essentially will give your floors a clean, vibrant look. Be aware though, that this system is made for some floors, like vinyl and rubber. Some steps, like the floor stripper aren't rated for stone tiles, but the floor sealer can be used on wood.

With that said, it is IMPERATIVE to follow the label's instructions as well as manufacturer of your floor, if you have it. Failure to do so can lead to potentially ruining your floors. Not to scare anyone, but getting the right materials is important. Treat this as a guide to maintain your hard-surface flooring, regardless of what it is.

Still, this 4 step process of Stripping, Sealing, Polishing, and Cleaning & Maintaining can be said for most hard surface flooring options out there today.

In this quick overview, you'll see each of those 4 steps of floor care. While you may not need to do all of them, it is recommended that you do so that the floor can look and perform its best. 

Stripping Your Floors

For vinyl commercial tiles, this is a great first step to ensure that the sealer and polish can effectively go over the surface without issue. 

Some floors, like laminate plank flooring, require only a light be sure to know the type of flooring first and what it calls for to maintain it so it can look its best.

Alongside this stripper and most others out there in the industry, it is a concentrated formula, so mix accordingly.

Sealing Your Floors

This step is important for ensuring any commercial vinyl, concrete, or terrazzo tiles (among others) will hold up for a long time. Sealing is a barrier that prevents stains from entering the tile, so its a step that should not be overlooked. 

For some other tiles, like natural stone tiles, require other sealers that are typically used after cleaning. Some also have a wet-look, color enhancer or even a low-sheen matte finish.

Polishing Your Floors

This 3rd step (or product) by Zep is the one that can essentially go over just about any hard surface. Their High-Traffic Floor Polish is great for providing a finish that will last.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Floors

One facet of maintaining your floors is the simplest and unfortunately, sometimes the most overlooked one. Once  you have a sealed and clean floor, you can now do simple maintenance on them by light sweeping and mopping. 

Again, depending on what your floor calls for, it can determine how you can clean it throughout its lifespan. While you may have to repeat this 4 part floor care program yearly or so in commercial applications, for a home it can give you a much longer time of protection.

The key is just making sure it is clean.

Be aware that this is a basic overview for taking care of most hard-surface flooring. Also be mindful that Zep has lots of other specific cleaning products and maintenance items that weren't shown above. However, almost all can be applied with a rayon fiber mop.

A good example is the Zep Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner, which can works wonders on those floors.

ZEP 128 oz. Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Be sure to find all these products by Zep at your local Home Depot whenever you are in the need to clean your flooring, regardless of what type it is. Chances are, we will have your solution to get the job done right!


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