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The Best Wood Types and Grades for Building a Fence


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 What are the best types of Wood for building a Fence?         


With the season change and the spring season here, it’s the perfect time to start on those warm weather projects. If your project was to build a fence, then the next question would be “What are the best types of wood for building a fence.  Let’s get a plan together and shop for some wood to build a great looking fence.



You might have been thinking about adding a fence for some time now, just weren’t sure what material you wanted. Now it’s a matter of what kind of wood will be durable and long lasting and have the look you want. You will find when shopping for wood fencing is there are different grades of wood and of course different kinds. 



Some basic grades of wood:


1. Clear


Clear wood is considered the highest quality. This grade does not have knots of lesser woods and has a beautiful natural look. Clear grade shows the fine characteristics of the grains of the wood. Clear wood is often used where a great appearance is wanted. Used often for cabinet making and other fine furniture.


2. Select


Select wood is known as a good grade of wood. This wood has good color, with one side clear of knots and cracks whereas the other side has some defects. Because of the appearance this is very good wood and has great quality on one side and lower cost than Clear.


3. Standard & Better


 This wood has more defects than select grade. This wood is used for general construction or if a rustic look is wanted for your fencing. This is often good if the project is going to be painted and a budget needs to be met.


Some types of wood to consider using for building a fence:



1. Redwood


Redwood is known to be long lasting, less prone to rot, insect resistant, as well as being attractive. It is also considered the top choices for fencing because of these qualities. This wood is over 20% stronger than other types of fencing woods.


2. Cedar


Cedar wood comes in multiple grades and colors. The red cedar is beautiful, less expensive than top grade Redwood. Like Redwood Cedar is resistant to rot, insects and temperature changes. Finding a clear cedar is usually more difficult than redwood however it usually cost less.


3. Cypress


Cypress is a product of the South and eastern part of the country. Cypress trees produce and oil called cypressene, this is what protects it from insects, temperature changes and rot. This is usually not as readily available as other types. Because of the location factor, this can drive up the cost out of a budget.


4. Pressure Treated


This is chemically treated wood that is used for many outdoor projects. The chemical infused in the lumber protects it from insects, and fungal decay.  This wood is generally used in commercial building projects. It can be used for posts and rails in fences, but is generally not used as plan



This is just brief overview of the basics of wood grades and wood types. If you’re considering building a wooden fence, check out the Home Depots fence buying guides for more information or visit your local Home Depot




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