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The Better Mouse Trap


A customer who had never encountered a rodent problem before enlisted my help to figure out how to go about controlling rats.


There's nothing fun about rodent control. For centuries, we have searched for the better mouse trap. Different situations call for different tactics to control the rat population. Rats and mice are social animals, so there are usually more than a few critters to deal with whenever you realize there is a problem. Click here to shop for solutions


This means that you should plan to stay diligent in your efforts to rid your home of these pests for about 10 days, or until you see no signs of their activity. Keep their fecal deposits cleaned up and keep setting traps or placing poison until there is nothing more to clean up.


The old fashioned snap trap is still a very efficient method to humanly kill and capture the pest for disposal. Peanut butter is an excellent bait for these traps.


Glue traps are a very effective trap that captures the rodent when the rat simply walks onto it. Glue traps will also capture insects that crawl onto them. The problem with that is when other pets or birds are present other critters could also become entangled. Glue traps are indiscriminate.



Many sources criticize glue traps, saying that they are inhumane because they do not kill the rat quickly. They can linger for days before dying, so the killing responsibility could fall on you, and I wish that on no-one.


The Catchmaster 2-Pack Heavy Duty Rat Size Glue Trap is one example of these glue traps. This brand has an adhesive to anchor the trap to the floor and will need to be pried from the surface that it's glued to after the rat is caught. A flat bladed shovel is my method of choice to pry and scrape the trap off the floor. This technique also keeps the rodent at a safe distance from you.


Dispose of dead rats in the trash. They decompose quickly.



Glue traps aren't reusable, but snap traps can be reset for additional uses if you choose to do so. Wear disposable gloves and bait the snap trap with peanut butter.

If you prefer a mouse trap that does not kill, the Catch and Hold Mice Trap is an option. It holds up to 4 mice!


Poison bait is another control method that feeds the rodents with chemicals that cause hemorrhaging and dehydration to quickly kill and dry down the carcass, which reduces the likelihood of smell. Click here to shop.




Place the poison in feeding stations so that they feed for a longer session. That ensures that the critical dose is delivered to the rodent. Sometimes, the rodent becomes so thirsty after ingesting the bait that it will leave the house in search of another water source.



The dry carcass will not be appetizing to animals that encounter it after the rat dies, so subsequent poisoning of foraging animals is not likely.


As I said before, there is nothing pleasant about rodent control, but we have some very effective methods to help you solve your problem. Good luck with your challenge. You can do this!

Until next time, I'll see you in the aisles!



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My cat does the job 
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Posted 2018-09-15T07:45:36+0000  by WillieAllender
This mouse trap is quite effective. Nobody wants mice at home. Keeping a clean house, ensuring food is kept out of reach and maintaining mouse traps are few tips that can be deployed in order to put an end to an infestation. Placing the mouse traps strategically around your property is very important. If an infestation becomes worse, calling in rodent control NJ like professionals becomes necessary. These precautionary measures are very important to maintain a house free from mouse infestation.
Posted 2018-09-15T09:38:56+0000  by WillieAllender
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