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The Causes of Moss in Lawns & How to Get Rid of It

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While we have been busy turning the inside of our home to be the retreat that we look forward to coming home to, the yard has been conspiring against us. The once young landscape and trees have overgrown the lawn, having made their presence known.


I talk about this daily with customers. “What can I put on my grass to kill this moss and get my lawn back?” they ask! Well, let’s understand the needs of grass and what the presence of moss means.





The presence of moss means that the growing conditions for grass are absolutely currently unfavorable. Grass thrives in full sun, pH neutral soil and well-drained fertile soil. Moss thrives on the exact opposite of all those. Moss prefers shade, nutrient deprived soil, excessive moisture and acidic soil. This might be why moss grows so well on rocks. 


The once small trees in our landscape grow large, killing off the beautiful lawn that once existed under its now massive canopy. This is usually more prominent in the lower areas in the lawn where water runoff and excessive moisture exist. This is because nutrients will leach out of the soil in areas where there is more water. Because moss grows in shade and the shadiest side of anything is the North side, moss will grow best on the north side of trees and houses.




How To Kill It


There are moss killers that we sell at The Home Depot but if the objective is to get our lawn back then the job at hand is to improve growing conditions. You will need to get the sunlight back to the ground first. Then we will need to put down some pelletized lime, grass seed and starter fertilizer. Doing this alone will take care of killing the moss.  If there is an unorthodox amount of water runoff, a French drain may need to be installed above the problem area to redirect the water.






Get with your county extension service and send them your soil to be tested to see what improvements may be necessary.

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