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The Oscars, Home Depot style!

The Academy Award for best DIYer goes to… YOU! This PVC Oscar is a fun and easy project that is sure to draw some attention at your Oscar party. Let’s start off with the materials you’ll need.


1. 1x  1” PVC pipe cut to about 14 inches long (this doesn’t have to be exact)

2. 1x  ½” PVC pipe cut in to two pieces about 2-1/2” long each (again this doesn’t have to be exact as long as they are the same length)

3. 1x  1” PVC male adapter

4. 1x  1” PVC cap

5. 1x  1” galvanized or black-steel floor flange

6. 2x  ½” 90 degree PVC elbows

7. 2x  ½” PVC Caps

8. 4x  1-5/8” wood screws

9. 2x  3” Coarse threaded sheet metal screws

10. Plastic primer (avalible as singles in store)

11. Black gloss paint
12. Gold metallic paint (avalible as singles in store)

13. Fine sandpaper (we used 220 grit)

14. A base (we used a piece of wood round)

15. Drop cloth or plastic sheet




Assembly: You can use the picture of our Oscar as a guide to put the pieces together. The 1” cap is his head. The 1” pipe is the body. The 1/2” 90 degree elbows are his shoulders, the ½” PVC pipe are arms and the ½” caps are his hands. The 1” male adapter goes on the bottom of the body and threads into the floor flange. To connect the shoulders to his body we drilled holes through the 90 degree elbows and into the 1” pipe. Then we used 3” coarse machine screws to tighten the shoulders onto the body.


Prep and Paint: Keep the Oscar and the base separate until you are done painting. Lightly sand all the materials with fine sandpaper to create a surface that will bond well with the primer. Be sure to spray paint in a well-ventilated area, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when painting. Prime the Oscar and the stand. We recommend using a primer designed for plastics for a better bond. Once the primer has dried, shoot the body and base with several thin coats of their respective colors to ensure dripless coverage.

Once everything is dry, fasten the Oscar to the base using 1-1/2” wood screws, we used gold screws here to match the paint job.


Tada! You just made your very own PVC Oscar to give some lucky friend, be sure you have a sealed white envelope on hand to build tension!  

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Posted 2012-02-22T21:37:32+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy BlakeTheDiyGuy


Shouldn't this Oscar be called "The Homer" !

Posted 2012-02-22T22:36:26+0000  by ordjen

Someone needs a hobby

Posted 2012-02-22T22:43:56+0000  by AAriondo
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