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The Time Is Now!

It is time to assess your landscape! Go out and take a walk through your yard, see if there is any plant that needs to be pruned back. Check for any broken branches on shrubs and trees, look to find what plant is in need of a fresh cut to promote healing. Look also for any leaning branches or limbs that are resting on another tree or branch, that may be a safety issue. Once the trees begin to leaf out, and the leaves become abundant, the force of the wind can cause an additional safety threat to any compromised branches, so look high up into all trees surrounding your home.

Evaluate street trees as well, contact your city or town maintenance department to report any trees that are questionable, let the municipalities decide if the tree is a danger or not, then at least you have done your part.


 The extreme winter weather caused an enormous amount of destruction coupled with incredible erosion along the North East coast. The harsh winter was devastating too so many residential landscapes as well.

Coastal regions of Massachusetts had their ecosystems completely changed, not to mention the loss of wildlife habitats. Entire towns were submerged in seawater for days; the damage will be felt for decades.

It is all too common, to see a massive tree completely uprooted and laying lifeless in yards and parks and along the roadways here in the Boston area. Landscapers are still working on the fallen trees, and cleaning up downed branches that are scattered across the northeast, it is a very slow process. “I have been waiting two weeks for my landscaper to cut up the pine tree that fell in my yard” a customer told me, she was a bit frustrated but she understands the wait, “he is working ten to twelve hours every day”, she said.

I have notice that the Dogwood trees seem to have suffered greatly as a result of this winters wrath. Dogwood trees have a grand wide spreading growth habit, to clarify: the limbs spread low and wide and are susceptible to splitting. Dogwood trees thrive under the canopy of larger trees, making them the perfect target from limbs that fall from above, a broken Dogwood is such a sad sight to see.

All trees and shrubs want to survive; in fact, you will notice an injured shrub or tree will push out an excessive amount of growth below the injured branch or limb, (as long as the roots are intact). The plant pushes energy to regrow and heal, it will regenerate at the soil level, so please, do whatever you can to help your battered, green friend.  Fresh soil and mulch at the roots will energize the plants, water in with “Quick Start” fertilizer, it will  aid a shocked or damaged plant to build stronger roots and become reinvigorated.

Give a fresh cut, below the break, to the branch as soon as possible; the heavy weight of the broken section may cause more stress on the already suffering plant, Depending on the girth of the branch  a by-pass pruner loppers, or a pruning saw can be used to give a fresh cut to help the healing process begin. Unfortunately, some plants may be injured beyond repair and will need to be removed, and replace.....Home Depot has what you are looking for!

There will be a tremendous amount of replacement plantings this year. So many homeowners have already stopped by the live goods corral at the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot. I have heard many stories of landscapes in ruins, damaged sheds, and fences that have been knocked down and destroyed.



Bostonians are just winter weary, but not without hope! Spring is for new beginnings, rebirth, and reinvesting. The Home Depot has everything you need to repair, replace, refresh and reinvest into outdoor living.

It has been a long, long…very long hard, winter! Take a much needed walk outside, look around, evaluate and asses what you need to do, take some pictures and make a list.

Stop by your local Home Depot with your list, pictures, and questions, speak with a garden associate for advice and plan of action…you can do it, we can help!

It is time to dig into your garden plans! You may need to repair, you may need replace, you just need to re-root your intentions and reinvest into your landscape.

For some people…the yards value is rooted in the curb appeal, and for some of us the value is in the true roots, the roots of the plants, trees and shrubs, that make up the yard, that truly make a home….a home!

Dig in and get growing!


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