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The cold water inlet will not shut off while doing a load in my Whirlpool washer.

I am on a well. The hot water inlet shuts off, but the cold does not. The water flow has also slowed down. I will replace the hoses for the flow. but what about the shut off?

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Posted 2014-01-16T01:54:09+0000  by Tess44 Tess44

I'd suspect the solenoid valve isn't closing properly, likely because there's some debris in there.  A solenoid valve is just an electrically controlled valve.  Not much more than the one on your sink but an electromagnet opens it instead of your hand.


Is this something you want to tackle yourself?

Posted 2014-01-16T02:40:49+0000  by Adam444

I would like to do it myself

Posted 2014-01-18T16:12:11+0000  by Tess44

I would suggest going to and posting your question there.  I've used them a number of times with my appliance questions and they've always been exceeding helpful.  You'll need the model number of your washer, which is often located on a tag somewhere around tub.


You will need some basic tools and troubleshooting skills.

Posted 2014-01-19T01:21:21+0000  by Adam444

Thank you Adam444 I will.

Posted 2014-02-05T16:29:39+0000  by Tess44
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