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Just recently bought a thermostat and put all the wires in the corresponding place. I turn it on, then it works. I find out the wires are cramped too tightly and the cover wont fit right, so i take the wires out again, restrip them so they fit perfectly, and put it all back together. And now the thermostat doesnt turn on the heater. What could be wrong? I tested the wires with the multimeter and nothing was going through in the thermostat, not even the red wire.

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Posted 2013-02-12T01:37:51+0000  by chargersrool chargersrool

What brand did you buy?  If its a honeywell make sure the jumper is still in place from R to RC.  It you have a split system (2 transformers) then the jumper would be removed(not common).  Really need to know what kinda of thermostat you bought/

Posted 2013-02-12T05:11:44+0000  by jwatkins82

Another thought when you connected the white wire and called for heat, you could have a dead short across the transformer (24V) check for a blown fuse on the PCB board on the furnace.

Posted 2013-02-12T05:17:38+0000  by jwatkins82
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