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Thermostat relocation

When I bought my house, the thermostat for the heating and air conditioning was in the hall, and very unreliable due to the temperature differences. My dad flipped the thermostat around to the dining room wall side of the same wall, and it has been much more reliable with temperature control! :smileyhappy: Now, I'd like to add some storage to that same wall in the dining room...some cabinetry. Of course the thermostat is now in the way! How difficult would it be to move the thermostat to a totally different wall... actually closer to the center of the house? Is this something I should leave to the professionals?

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Posted 2012-01-14T19:10:18+0000  by mathmaestra mathmaestra

It really depends. Do you have a basement or crawlspace/slab? If you have a basement it will be much easier. My thermostat was near my front door in a 90 year old house with zero insulation! Moving it was pretty easy since it was pretty far from the furnace in my basement. This gave me enough wire to move it closer to the center of my house. The thing is, if you have a basement you need to find a spot where the wall is located thren drill a half inch hole or so in the bottom of the wall where you want to relocate the thermostat. Then the tricky part, fishing a line from the location to the new hole and pulling through your thermostat wire. it is a task but not impossible!  Good luck!

Posted 2012-01-14T19:20:41+0000  by michaelsv

My house is a 1 story on cement slab. The wiring is all in the ceiling with blown in insulation. Could it be as easy as pulling wire and moving it?

Posted 2012-01-14T19:28:30+0000  by mathmaestra

Hey mathmaestra,


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michaelsv is dead on for relocating your wiring. Since your attic has blown-in insulation you'll need to get yourself accessibility to pull the wire cleanly and securely after removing it from the old location. Make sure to mark (or take a picture) of how the connections were made before taking everything off. It'll make reconnecting the wires much easier on the new location.


Just like he was stating for drilling from the basement, you'll need to line up the hole the same way in the attic. It is a little harder to do, but if everything is lined up it should work fine for you. Thermostat wire is a low voltage wire and shouldnt have any staples or anything to fasten to the walls. So see if you can access the wire first in the attic, and do the steps listed above.


Let us know if this has helped you out,


Posted 2012-01-14T21:40:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Aboveaveragejoe, I have a very similar problem that Mathmaestra has/had, the builder of my home made an unfortunate location choice for the thermostat. I thought that maybe there was some sort of remote control/thermostat wireless relocation device that could be installed at the original (poor) location which would accept signals transmitted to it wirelessly from a remote thermostat that could be taken to diffferent locations to "experiment" for correctness - rather than rewire to another poor location. Does such a device exist ? Never saw one but I bet that many folk have this problem and such a wireless thermostat retransmission device would work well for many folk. Thanks !!! Pete
Posted 2014-01-01T18:57:25+0000  by petespin

I just described such a fictitious device to my wife. I hope there is already this type of device but I’ll be scouring the web and let you know if I find something.


If not maybe we have the makings of a new company… just got to find an electrical engineer who works cheap…

Posted 2014-01-07T02:16:14+0000  by BubbaBeandip
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