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Thinking about building an outdoor patio ... any tips?

We currently have a deck but are thinking about building a patio to extend it. I've been told it's a fairly simple process (patio stones, sand) but would love to hear any tips from those that have done it.

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Posted 2011-05-30T04:42:17+0000  by loriel loriel

Hello loriel.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Building a patio is a fairly simple process.  The best tip I have is that just like with painting, it’s the prep work that really makes the difference.  While the patio can have a slope to it, it must be smooth and the substrate well tamped down.  Edging is the best way to keep these pavers in place over the long haul.
























Home Depot edging: LINK.


Here is a link to a Home Depot guide on for planning a paver project:  LINK.


You may find some ideas on the type of paver you want at pavestone:  LINK.




You can choose regular sand or crushed limestone (called paver base) for the paver bed.  Either works, but I personally like paver base because it tamps down to a very solid surface.




This special poly sand works very well to finish off the project.  You sweep it into the joints after the pavers have been placed:  LINK.   This special sand hardens with moisture, so it will not wash out of the cracks like regular sand can.



I hope this helps.  Have fun with your new patio!


Posted 2011-05-31T14:39:12+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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