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This May be a dumb question, but...(fluorescent light fixture)

Okay, bear with me....
Can I replace my existing fluorescent light fixture (over sink and controlled by nearby switch) with a fixture that contains an outlet? I want to instal under-cabinet lighting without using an electrician and figured I could plug it into the light fixture. 

Thank you!! 
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Posted 2014-10-13T01:23:37+0000  by KangaDR KangaDR
You're probably going to have a difficult time finding a light fixture that also has a receptacle.  If you do and run a cord by the sink, make darn sure that circuit is GFCI protected.

Why not use one of the countertop receptacles and some kind of plug-in, under cabinet lighting?
Posted 2014-10-13T13:30:42+0000  by Adam444
Hi KangaDR,

Adam444 makes a good point. You'll often find garage style and bathroom florescent with outlets in them but kitchen lights will be more difficult. Below I've included two selections that may work for you. 

The idea of an extension cord in the kitchen isn't the most appealing since there is so much water present so definitely make sure it's GFCI protected as Adam444 stated. I hope this helps.


Found this under cabinet solution and wanted to include it. 
Posted 2014-10-13T14:13:39+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
Hey KangaDR,

Gotta love the great advice from Adam and Chris!

Strong points!

However, there are also local electrical codes to consider.

Codes can be unique and different in many local jurisdictions.

Please take time to explore if the "plug in" option is available for long-term use as well as how having a water supply nearby are regulated under your local codes.
Posted 2014-10-30T18:12:16+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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