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Thousands of Yellow Daffodils Line Boston Marathon Route


The 2015 Boston Marathon, Marathon Monday, Patriots Day… was a great day for the city of Boston!


The weather was cold, and wet; but the temperatures and rain did not dampen the spirits of the marathon runners and all the spectators. The cheers and applause echoed through the more than 26 mile marathon route; from the towns and hills of Hopkinton, and Wellesley, into the very heart of the city Boston.


I stood on the sidewalk of Boylston Street elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder, with family and friends in the pouring rain cheering and chanting, watching and waiting for our runners….. for all the runners to come through.


There is something untouchable on the streets of Boston during the marathon; it is not just in the air, it is in the hearts, the spirits and the souls of the runners, and the spectators alike…It is some kind of a link, a connection that brings everyone together, it is a deep emotional connection.



There are teams that run for charities and foundations; there are teams that run for research and developments, and cures; some teams run in memory of a passed loved one……. and some just run for the tradition, and the love of it.




The city has overcome, but still heals from the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, the memories of that devastating day will never fade, but the goodness that grows from that horrendous act is immeasurable.


 The seeds of hope and repair were planted in the day’s right after the 2013 Boston Marathon. Just like a marathoners pace, Boston kept going…one foot in front of the next, building back up, heal the broken, make it stronger, make it better, keep the pace, be determined…never surrender, Boston Strong!


This year along with all the amazing acts of giving and kindness, love and determination that I witnessed in every corner of Boston; I notice something tangible, a little something touchable.


Lining window sills, on the curbs, edging sidewalks, flanking doorways and steps, all over Boston were pots of daffodils.  Daffodils standing straight up in all their glory showing their sunny yellow faces despite the cruel weather, they were boasting their beauty with resilience in pelting rain.


 Small, 6 inch potted daffodils; dressed in blue foil, they were blowing and being tossed around the streets by the wind and rain, and when the small pots came to a landing spot they literally looked “no worse for the weather”, the plant still held their happy yellow heads up!


In the fall of 2013, 100,000 yellow daffodils were planted by volunteers along the marathon route from Hopkinton to Boston. Planting healing seeds: The yellow color of the daffodils is the same bright yellow in the Boston Marathon logo, it is the perfect color to inspire, and give hope to the runners along the grueling course.


This year the concrete of the city sidewalks continued with daffodils, thousands of blue pots of daffodils dressed the route. Where they couldn't be planted, pots were in the windows of the Boston Public Library, churches and business, and hotels, Boylston Street had daffodil popping out from every nook and cranny.


When  I saw the blue pots of sunshine all over the dark, rainy city….. I thought of the symbolism of the daffodils:


·         Clarity


·         Vitality


·         Memory


·         Renewal


·         Inspiration


·         Awareness


·         Inner-Reflection


·         Forgiveness


Daffodils do reflect Marathon Monday perfectly:

The clarity, vitality, and inner-reflections of the runners,

The inspiration and awareness the runners provoke in all of us.

The memory and forgiveness the City of Boston can build on.


The Home Depot will have a great selection of daffodils, in all shapes and colors, this September, for fall planting, with a bloom time that will coincide with the Boston Marathon.  

Daffodils are beautiful in the garden: they are not fussy and do not require much attention once established: plant the bulbs 6-8 inches deep, year after year they get stronger and multiply. Daffodils are the trumpets of spring, they emerge early in the season and raise their heads on leafless stems, it is all about the flower!


Nothing bothers daffodil bulbs, they will not be disturbed, their bulbs contain sharp crystals that prevent and discourage animals from digging them up to eat. No one messes with daffodils….Daffodil Strong!



Thank you to all the volunteers that planted these patches of sunshine hope along the marathon route!


I will never look at daffodils the same after yesterday. This fall I plan to plant a patch of daffodils in my yard for all they symbolize, and as a tribute for all of the Boston marathoners of the past, and all who are to come.

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