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Tile floor install

can ceramic tile be installed over existing /old mortar?  All the previous tile has been removed, but old mortar is still on floor. We were told by the person installing the new tile that it was OK & they started installing the new tile over the old mortar by putting new mortar over old mortar without removing any of the old mortar & then tile on top of that. 
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Posted 2016-05-11T05:17:57+0000  by Bailey71 Bailey71
Hi Bailey71,

The ideal situation is to remove or grind down the old thin set, however laying tile over it can be done if the old thin set is in tact, smooth and level. I see from your pictures that this is not the case in all areas. The problem is in the future, some of the tile may come loose as a result of less than 100 percent coverage of the thin set below.

It looks like the job is well under way now, so have your contractor make sure there is sufficient thin set to assure good contact with the tile to make sure it has the best adhesion possible.

Posted 2016-05-12T17:12:02+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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