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Tile subfoor

I am putting tile (6x24 planks)  in a 6'x8' bathroom, 1952 house.  Existing subfloor boards are 3/4 " x 3".  Joists are 2x8 on 16" centers. Do I need plywood and cement board or just cement board?  What thicknesses?  Floor does not seem bouncy.
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Posted 2016-07-17T18:59:15+0000  by Steve65 Steve65
I'd put down a layer 1/2" plywood over the individual wooden boards.  Real wood is expands and contracts more than plywood with changes in humidity and can cup and warp.  Use a "squiggly" bead of construction adhesive on the top of each board and screw the plywood down, roughly 6" on center, using 1 1/4" screws.   Then put your backer board on top of the plywood following the manufacturer's instructions.  You can use 1/4" backer board if height is an issue.

The other thing you need to be careful of is the flatness of the floor.  The bigger the tile, the flatter the floor needs to be otherwise you'll run into problems with what's called "lippage."  It's when one tile is higher than the tile next to it.  I would use at least a 4' straight edge (like a level) and carefully check for any high or low spots.  For a tile like yours, you're looking for no more than 1/16" in any 4'.  If any problems exist, those need to be corrected before laying tile.

Posted 2016-07-17T23:31:48+0000  by Adam444
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