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Tile to edge of drywall under vanity

I am laying tile to fill in the exposed sub floor left behind from the footprint of our old vanity. I have read advice to keep 1/4" gap between tile edge and wall. My concern is that the rear of the vanity needs to be installed flush with the wall and the backing that will rest on the floor is only just over 1/2".

Please see the attached images of how I have laid the 1/4" wonderboard (its already fixed in place). Ideally I would like tile to the edge of the wall. I believe I made a mistake not bringing the wonderboard closer to the wall.

Is it better to take the tile 1/4" to the wall (using extra mortar to fill in space left by wonderboard gap) and then use a caulk to fill in the gap between the tile and wall?


Leave the exposed sub floor and use shims to level the back of the vanity?


Something else?

Thanks in advance. This was supposed to be a Christmas surprise for the wife and now several days behind schedule!

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Posted 2016-12-31T18:53:23+0000  by Max627 Max627
Typically you'd run the backer board and tile to about ¼" from the wall surface but since this area is going to be covered by the vanity anyway, it doesn't matter that much.  I'd run the tile a little long over the backer board, maybe splitting the distance between the edge of the backer board and the wall.  Since it's not going to be walked on, it's not going to break.  There's no need to fill the gap with thinset, although you'll have some "extra" as a result of spreading it on the rest of the floor.

The sides of the vanity will support it just fine.  Once you have the tile done, just set the vanity and level it, screwing it to the wall at the top.

Good luck wrapping up the project and I hope your wife enjoys her new bathroom!
Posted 2017-01-01T10:26:50+0000  by Adam444
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