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Tiling and Toilet Flange Height


I am currently remodeling my small bathroom. My toilet is safely set aside, old wax ring removed, and there is a cloth now in the opened toilet flange to help prevent sewer gases. I have removed the 1/8" vinyl floor and the 1/4" luan underneath it.


My next step will be to cut my Hardie Backer Board.


Here are my questions, the toilet flange is sticking up about 1/2" from the subfloor and its top outer lip measures 7" in diameter, while the outer base of that pipe measures 5" in diameter.


Should the top of the toilet flange rest on the Hardie Backer Board or 1/4" out from the 7" opening?

Should the toilet flange be level with the height of the Backer Board and Ceramic Tile?

Do you think I should removed the Toilet Flange because right now it's sticking up and does not have anything to rest on?

If I don't put anything under the flanges lip edge then it will rest lower than the final height of both Backer Board and Tile. Is that ok for it to be two different heights?


I know that's a lot of questions, so any info or assistance would be much appreciated!

Thank you


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Posted 2011-09-25T02:59:51+0000  by jene777 jene777

Hello J, there’s nothing wrong with a lot of questions in my book they just go to show that you’re thinking out all the angles of this project out really well.


Personally I prefer to have the flange rest on something solid, whether that’s the Hardie backer board, or the surface of the tile itself.  The most direct way to accomplish this is to remove the flange and replace it after the Hardie is in place.


If removing the flange is too difficult there are a number of options to get around the issue. 

By removing the lip of the flange you’ll find that trimming the Hardie around the drain opening will be much easier.  An inside flange can then be used to bridge the gap between the new flooring level and the drain below.



If you do decide to leave the existing flange in place and install the Hardie backer underneath you can use extension rings to bring the flange level with the new tile.



Lastly another option is to use a #35b wax ring which is a bit thicker than the standard wax rings that come with toilets and the #3’s. The wax ring is a good option in cases where the tile sits just above the flange. 



One thing to be aware of with these options is that you may need longer toilet bolts to make sure you have enough thread left to secure the toilet to the floor.


I hope this info helps make this job a quick and easy one for you. Welcome to the boards!



Posted 2011-09-25T17:25:40+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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