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Tilt out trash bin out of recycled wood

Hi I am a beginner in wood work projects.  I am currently building a tilt out trash bin, and had an idea of adding a drop leaf so I can use it like a small table island when cooking.  However, I am stuck with adding the drop leaf.  I need help.  I do know know what hard ware I can use to make the leaf stay up without putting more wood.  Attached is the picture of the project.


Any help would be appreciated.



door stopper with additional knobs for pot holder or hanging dish towels.jpg

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Posted 2012-07-03T22:37:35+0000  by sunny sunny

If I'm understanding correctly, you need to find some sort of support to handle the drop leaf? Something like a hinge or other support to hold the drop leaf out, but allow it to fold back out of the way when not in use.


There are several options from a hardware point of view. I found these on the Rockler website:


Here are two different methods using a mechanical support. 


The other option would be to have a piece of wood swing out to support the top, similar to a harvest table.

Harvest Table.jpg


Just keep in mind the amount of weight you're going to have cantilevered out from the base. You don't want your trash bin tipping over :smileysurprised: 


Using the mechanical supports, your main top is going to have to extend out beyond the bin itself. Using something like the harvest table type support shown above, you'd need to remove your existing top and make some modifications.


With no overhang of the existing main top and having the leaf hinged directly to it, you don't have any room to have anything fold up underneath it when it's down. You could try to design a couple channels to slide some 2x2 out from near the top to support the leaf. Again, you're going to have to redesign the bin part itself.

Tilt Out Trash Bin Idea for Leaf.jpg 

You'd have to have some sort of channel for those 2x2's to ride in while the leaf isn't out. 

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Posted 2012-07-04T20:58:16+0000  by Paul



Thank you so much.. that is what I am looking for.  I cannot believe that this forum actually works..:)

Keep up the good job.



Posted 2012-07-12T23:02:45+0000  by sunny
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