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Tips: What To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen



It’s spring and we are seeing a lot of customers in the store asking about kitchen remodels. Some have an exact plan in mind, others have a general idea of what they want, most are unsure how when or where to start.



Let’s start with the basics



(1) How extensive of a remodel do you want?



At the Home Depot we can refresh, refinish or reface your cabinets, we also can replace your cabinets.


Refresh can include just cleaning up and repairing the existing finish so the cabinets look like new.


Refinish can include a color change to a lighter or darker finish without any other changes.


Refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and applying a laminate applique to the cabinet faces to match the finish of the new doors and installing new hardware. This can also include replacing the counter top and installing new flooring.





Replacing involves just that, removing you old cabinets and installing all new cabinets. This is the true kitchen remodel where the room is gutted and we start from scratch redesigning your kitchen.



A remodel allows you to redesign the layout of your kitchen to improve the efficiency, style or convenience of the space. This can include rearranging the kitchen layout, removing walls to enlarge the space or even moving the kitchen to another part of the house.






(2) Make a wish list.



Start with all of the features you dislike about your current kitchen, the location of appliances, the sink, storage space, the traffic pattern or lighting.  These will be the top features you will want to improve in your new design.



Next add to your list the features you don’t have but would like in a new kitchen. A larger pantry, more counter space, a new window, or cabinets with roll out trays or better counter top.




(3) Establish a budget



How much do you want to spend on your kitchen, a refresh can be as little as a few thousand dollars, to an all new kitchen requiring a second mortgage  or a project loan to complete, or anywhere in between.




(4) Talk to a kitchen designer





Visit your local Home Depot; our kitchen designers can help you create your dream kitchen. They’ll show you what cabinet styles are available, counter top choices and help determine what can be done to get the most for your money without busting the budget.




(5) Determine how to finance your remodel



This can be funds you have in savings, a second mortgage, it can be charged to your Home Depot card or another credit card, or your can apply for a Home Depot Project Loan.


The Home Depot Project Loan offers you a low fixed rate of 7.99% APR., much lower than credit cards.



Home Depot Project Loans Offer:



(1) 6 months to complete all of your purchases, allowing you to complete your project in



(2) 84 fixed monthly payments with the flexibility to pay it off anytime.


(3) Credit lines up to $40,000.00 dollars.


(4) No annual fee.




Talk to the kitchen designers at your local Home Depot for more details.





Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man


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Posted 2015-03-30T20:09:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC
Interesting article! Many will find this post insightful since more people are into remodeling nowadays. One of the most prioritized parts of the house when it comes to remodeling is the kitchen because it's considered as the heart of the home. When it comes to remodeling, one must really plan very hard before making any decisions or buying any decorations. It is important to gather as many options as you can. Trust me, you will not regret doing this. Anyway, all this hard work is worth it once you see the outcome.
Posted 2015-06-04T06:02:11+0000  by SallyWilliams
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