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"Tips on how to plant Tomatoes"


Howdy Tomato fans,

Here is a little step by step post about how to properly plant let's get started;

Step 1) Choose tomato plants, soil, fertilizer, cages, and mulch. I like to select tomatoes plants that have expected maturity dates of 40-50 , 60-80, and 80-100 days, so we get a steady supply of tomatoes, instead all of them at once.

Step 2) Prepare area by tilling ground and adding a quality garden soil.  This will make it easy for the seedlings to grow roots and water to drain.


Step 3) Wet plants and trim off bottom branches and bury about 1/3 of the plant. This will ensure that the root system will have strong roots and be more drought tolerant. 


Step 4) Add Mulch around plants to keep weeds down and to add organic matter to the soil. I like to wait till the first signs of tomatoes forming before I begin fertilizing every other week.


Step 5) Inspect plants daily to see if any pests, fungus, or other problem are starting. Remember, in a pot your tomatoes will need to be watered more often. Here is a video for more detailed information.


Tip: Whenever you see “volunteers” or plants that you didn’t put there growing, it’s best to pull them out and discard them. Why?, because most of the time these plants will have all the bad attributes of a tomato with the exception being a "heirloom" tomato.

Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave


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