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To attach or to not attach!

We have a 30x40 new metal garage that we would like to build a patio next to it. We can not decide whether or not to actually attach it to the garage or place posts to make it freestanding. We have some concerns about attaching it for fear the freezing and thawing will cause it to damage the garage over time. The other concern is if we auger holes and set posts instead....these posts will be in the ground up against 8 inches of concrete next to the garage, will we have problems over time with the concrete holding moisture to those posts and deteriorate them? Also, we have gotten estimates for the flooring on this patio.....pouring concrete and laying pavers on this 28 x 16 area. Recently we have been considering just building a deck as a floor. What are the pro and cons to putting a deck on the ground? Anything we should consider before we make this decision? 

Is there a resource available where we can find plans to small projects like this? How to correctly attach a lean-to to a building; freestanding patios; building a deck on the ground? 

Thanks so much for your help! 
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Posted 2018-07-16T18:43:24+0000  by NaNa9 NaNa9

Hello NaNa9

When installing a poured concrete slab next to the slab of your garage, an expansion joint material is used to protect both slabs from damaging each other.


When installing deck post, the wood post are usually installed to a galvanized standoff post base, so the post does not have contact with the concrete. 


The post on a ground level deck would usually be installed some distance from the garage slab.

If you have a ledger board attach directly to the garage slab, a moisture barrier is used to insulate the wood from the concrete.  This is an ice and water membrane.


If you would like help designing a deck, a Pro-sale associate at your local Home Depot can build a design on the computer, with all your specifications.  This design will also produce a material list and cost for your project.

The main drawback of a ground level deck is that it will be exposed to much more moisture than a raised deck.  This will reduce the life span of a wood deck.  If you use composite materials, it will last much longer.

You would have to contact the manufacturer of your Garage to find the installation process and limitations for installing a lean-to to your building.

Click on the orange words to find Outdoor ideas and How_to Guides.

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How to use paver base panels instead of gravel and paver base crush stone.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-07-17T15:29:34+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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