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Toilet Tank Slow Fill Diagnostic help needed

Hi all,


My toilet fills very slowly, and is noisy while it fills. The noise comes from the valve being *almost* closed but not quite, and from water running out of the hose into the overflow tube (dripping sound). I've tightened the screw on top of the valve and I've bent the float arm down. These worked to lower the max water level in the tank, but not to fix this problem. Eventually, the valve lets enough water into the tank that the float goes the rest of the way up. The water stops, and the noise too.


To me the problem seems to be that the float  quickly goes only almost all the way up, this slows down the water coming in to where it then takes forever (5+ minutes) to let enough water in the tank to float the float high enough to shut off.This is the phase when it is noisy.


Sorry for the phrasing, but if you're still with me, what adjustment do I need to make to solve this problem? How do I get the valve to turn off more... emphatically I guess? Or how do I get the valve to let in enough water "all at once" to let the float go up high enough to turn off the valve?


When I reach in during the noisy slow-finish fill phase and lift the float arm, the valve shuts off and stays off. Is there a float, arm, or valve adjustment that will solve this?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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Posted 2012-01-28T05:26:54+0000  by AndyGB AndyGB

Hello AndyGB and thank you joining our How-to-Community.


Andy don’t you love that noise?

It almost sounds like plane it’s taking off or something right?

I’ll never forget a story I’ve heard from one of the contractors I know, he said that he had one of his customer’s call 911 in the middle of night because of the horrifying sound that was coming from their half bath.I guess they had him come out day before to fix some plumbing in their  basement.Well they thought he hook it up all wrong :smileylol:and that their bathroom was going to explode. :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:

What actually happened is that he had their water main turned off during work. Well once he was all done he turned it back on but all of the sediment (debris) that was sitting in the pipes rushed to the fill valve.:smileywink:


This is most likely the same problem you are having with your fill valve- it’s full of debris.

These are some fill valve repair steps I got from our vendors (Fluidmaster) website you can attempt before replacement;

fill valve.JPG


You can also try reducing  water pressure to the toilet tank. Sometimes this works but having said your valve fills slowly my first guess would be a clogged fill valve.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-01-31T15:55:06+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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