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Tomato plants not producing...HELP!!!

I planted 12  tomato plants this year. They are almost 5 ft tall, but I dont see any sign of tomatoes in most of them. Overall, I saw a total of 5-6 tomatoes(still small & green) till now. There are a lot of flowers on the plants but they have been that way for a while now..I also applied plant food (Miracle-Gro) a couple of times. The plants have started falling over due to its weight in spite of having stake support. 


Will I get some good produce from my plants before the end of the season? What should I do? Is it true that too much foliage on the plants can stop it producing more fruit? I have 6 determinate & 6 indeterminate (Roma & Big Boy) varieties. They are all planted together so now I dnt know which is which!!! 


Pls help!!!

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Posted 2012-09-12T19:29:38+0000  by smi80 smi80

Hello smi80,


The heavy foliage should not affect the size of your tomatoes. If the foliage is dense and heavy it may cut down the amount of flowers, but you have said that you have lots of flowers, it still does sound like a watering issue although you have large healthy plants. I have never heard of getting rid of the foliage as an easy way to get more produce and  would leave at least one plant alone if you are going to try this for the first time to see if there is an actual benefit to this.


Hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2012-10-17T16:46:35+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

I am watering whenever I notice that the soil is dry....once sometimes twice a day. Didnt get rid of too much foliage...just some of the suckers & the yellowing leaves...dont know if that has made a difference. I guess I'll have to wait & see...still got only small tomatoes in my latest harvest



Posted 2012-10-17T22:38:08+0000  by smi80

Hello smi80,


Great picture!:smileywink: I would try not to water 2 times a day if the temps are under 90 degrees.


Let me know if I can be of any more help,



Posted 2012-10-19T16:12:46+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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