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I had a water problem in my garage and most of my tools are now covered in rust. Is there an easy way to get all these tools rust free? Naval jelly doesn't seem to work very well. 

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Posted 2011-01-20T04:27:18+0000  by dursom dursom

Greetings Dursom and welcome to our Community!


This is Mike with The Home Depot in Chicago and I’m here to help.  Sorry to hear about your tools being exposed to water in your garage.  Rust is metal objects worst nightmare but there are ways to take care of it before it gets out of control.


Depending on how much rust these tools have you can take some action with stuff you may have around your house.   For tools that have light rust you can spray some penetrating lubricant such as WD-40 or P.B Blaster over the affected area then scrub with a heavy duty Scotch-Brite pad. Sandpaper is NOT recommended for the fact it may scratch the metal on the tools. If you have a vise on your workbench it may be a good idea to secure it in there while you do this so you can have a firm grip on attacking the rust. After you finish take a towel and wipe off any excess lubricant.


Another way would by using Phosphoric Etch which is labeled to remove rust from metal.  This helps remove rust on iron and steel surfaces.  You are going to have to dip the effected part into the solution for about 20-30 seconds.  After you take it out you’re going to want to give it a good rub down with a cloth towel.  Do NOT over expose the tool in the phosphoric etch too long as it is an acid and can affect the tool.


If your not too sure on how much rust you have, or any other questions feel free to write back or post pictures so we can get it solved.


Hopefully these ideas help!

Posted 2011-01-20T14:57:39+0000  by FlyingHDsod


I am going to completely agree with FlyingHDsod.   Anytime one of my tools get rusty i get out the pb baster and some steel wool.  I really agree with not using sandpaper too because depending if the tool is like shears or a cutting tool like that you do not want the grit getting into the "action" of the tool if you will.  Just take your time and you can make some of the rustiest tools look almost brand new.  Good luck Dursom and as always these guys now what they are talking about on here.   

Posted 2011-01-20T16:29:27+0000  by blackcaddy90

I have been to two Home Depots, two Lowes, and a local hardware store, no one in any of the stores knows what phosphoric etch is. How do I find it?

Posted 2011-01-30T19:26:39+0000  by dursom

Hello Dursom and welcome to the community.


Phosphoric Etch can be found in the Paint department, just any associate in Paint and they will find it for you.





phosphoric etch.png





Posted 2011-01-31T14:12:40+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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