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Tool to remove staples

Can someone tell me what hand tool I would use to remove heavy duty staples from the bottom of my garage door?  I have a wood garage door and need to remove the current seal and staples so I can apply a new seal.  There are lots of staples!

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Posted 2012-03-10T15:46:37+0000  by mctn mctn


Hi Mctn, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man.


We offer a number of tools that will work. However let me show you two I think will be best suited to your job.


The first is the Vaughn 5 ½ inch mini bar. It’s a small pry bar designed to remove small nails and staples.


One end is curved for leverage the other flat to slip under the staple head. You can use either end to pry out the staples.


The other tool is a Husky Tack remover. This tool has a screwdriver style handle and you can use it like a pry bar.


Slip the tip under the staple tap the handle with a wooden or plastic mallet and pry the staple out.


I hope these tools are useful on your project.





Posted 2012-03-12T19:30:56+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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