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Top 10 Demolition Tools

Whether you enjoy it or have to face doing it, demolition is a task that is a must during lots of remodeling home projects.

Of course, depending on the severity and type of work may require you to do just a small area or an entire rip-out of a large subfloor. With the right tools, comes also the right amount of know-how and safety to get the job done. 

When you are doing a lot of major remodeling and demolition work, take care with not disrupting frame members that actually hold the house in place. And in any major projects like this, consulting a licensed builder or general contractor at minimum  is important for making sure everything goes smoothly.

Making sure you have breathing and vision protection during demolition keeps you healthy, and having adequate air coming in and out of the room guarantees dust and residue won't travel to other areas of the home not being remodeled.

In every instance when doing demo work for your home, you'll need the following tools to ensure the job is done effectively. Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list....but it's a great start for any demolition job.

Nail Puller

While a good framing hammer is good for pulling nails, so is this tool for when you are doing a lot and need better leverage.

Cold Chisel and Small Sledgehammer

Dasco Pro 3/4 in. x 7-1/8 in. Cold ChiselURREA 3 lbs. Steel Octagonal Sledge Hammer with Hickory Handle

These must have tools are used to cut away small sections of concrete or to remove/replace ceramic tile. In some demo jobs, these maybe the only tools you'd ever need.

Flat Pry Bar

Crescent 7 in. Code Red Flat Pry Bar

A flat pry bar disassembles most framing joints and is handy for prying off moldings.

Flooring Scraper

A large floor scraper takes up tile and large amounts of flooring at once. A smaller hand-held version scrapes up residual adhesive after removing vinyl flooring.

Putty Knife

Stanley 2 in. Nylon Handle Stiff Blade Putty Knife

A wide-blade, stiff putty knife comes in handy for removing flooring adhesive.

Reciprocating Saw

The quintessential demolition power tool. It can used to cut through studs, nails, or like in the image above, pipes in no time at all. Beyond useful, these can be rented at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Wrecking or Ripping Bar

Stanley 36 in. Wrecking Bar

Longer than the previously mentioned pry bars, these are great for heavy-duty demolition.

Stud Finders

Zircon StudSensor HD55 Stud Finder

Before you tear out walls, cabinets, or floors...having one of these is important. It locates studs in floors, ceilings and walls. The key is to get one that locates the stud by sensing its density, not the presence of nails.

Utility Knife

This handy tool is great for starting demolition work. Whenever you need to cut through drywall, this is an essential tool for starting that.


Surprisingly enough, this item is important for marking and denoting what things should be demolished or left as is.

This marker by Milwaukee works great even in dusty and dirty conditions, which makes it perfect for starting demolition jobs.

As stated earlier, this list is by no means definitive. Depending on what specifically you are remodeling or demolishing will determine how much or little tools to use.

For any demolition related questions for your home, don't hesitate to ask us here.


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