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Top 10 Must Have Holiday Electrical Accessories

While you may have already purchased your lights and outdoor illuminated decorations for the holidays, now it's time to hook everything up safely.

With the right items and proper planning, you can have enjoyable and efficient lights for the holidays. 

In this post, I'll go over 10 items that will assist you in getting the most and safest options for your holiday lighting. You may not need all of these electrical accessories; but they are crucial for when they are needed.

1. 6-Outlets Power Strip (2-Pack)

null 3 ft. 6-Outlets Power Strip (2-Pack)

As obvious as this choice is for plugging in many lights in one location, it's one you may not consider until all the lights are hung. For the price, the 2 pack is a great buy and only sold during the holiday seasons, so be sure to grab them while you can.

For additional protection, consider upgrading to a surge protector version. Especially if what you are plugging into it has digital controls. 

2. Heavy Duty Cord Protector

Another great yet overlooked item is a cord protector for any plugs that will remain outside.

Technically, any electrical cords used outside must be made temporary and any connections should be out of the weather. this cord cover works by strengthening the weakest portion of the cord, where the male and female ends meet. 

Whether you believe you need a cord or not, always place connections safely out of the weather, so they are out of direct contact with rain and any unwanted hands that can access it easily.

3. 150 ft. Extension Cord Wrap

150 ft. 16/3 Extension Cord Wrap


Sometimes the simplest item is also the most sought after once you start to think about needing it. Bundling and safely storing your extension cord can be organized with this cord wrap. 

For the price and size, it comes in handy after the holidays to safely store and organize your cord(s) without the mess or tangles.

4. HDX 25' 3 Inline Outdoor Outlet Cord

HDX 25 ft. 3-Inline Outdoor Outlets Extension Cords

Unlike other extension cords we carry, this has 3 in-line outlets. This is great for those who want to spread out their lights or lawn ornaments over a large area. 

Just like any cord, be sure to have it plugged into an outlet that is out of direct contact with rain and the elements. In fact, anything being plugged outdoors should have a 'bubble' cover (shown below) over the outlet to ensure the connection is dry and safe. 

For even more protection, check and make sure any outdoor outlet your lights are being plugged into are GFCI, or Ground Fault rated.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Kit

Home Accents Holiday Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Kit

One of the best items and most popular items for a reason...this remote control gives you the total power to turn off and on your holiday items when needed. Since it's outdoor rated, the remote is small enough to be placed in your car if you wish.

6. 15 ft. 3-Outlet Power Stake with Protective Cover

15 ft. 3-Outlet Outdoor Power Stake with Protective Outlet Cover

Think of this as bringing the outlet to where your lights and ornaments will go. The cover makes it safer than simply plugging them in and leaving them in the yard. Plus with the stake on it, all connections won't come in direct contact with the ground, leaving you with a safer electrical option.

7. Outdoor Mechanical Remote Timer

While somewhat similar to the 3-pack of remote control kits above, this single version actually has more options. 

One of those are placing it on a timer, so lights aren't on and off all night. Plus, with the hand held remote control, this makes it convenient to have the power when you specifically need it for your holiday lights.

8. 3-in-1 Adapter

3-to-1 Adapter - Green

Another simple item that you may not think of until you need it. While we carry orange versions of these year-round, this seasonal style is more compact and smaller.

This makes it a better option to plug things into tighter spaces, like behind your Christmas tree.

9. Defiant Indoor Basic Timer

1875-Watt 15 Amp Resistive 24-Hour Indoor Plug-In Timer, White

For a simple indoor-only timer, consider using this item. Whether it's a lamp you use year round to holiday lighting, timers save you money on your energy bill by turning them off when you need it.

Simply pull out the pins slightly on the timer to get within 30 minutes of on and off control you need for whatever 2-prong plugs will go into it.

10. Outdoor Stake Timer

The last option I'd like to mention is a mixture of a timer and the outdoor stake outlets in this form sold by GE.

Rather than keeping up with a remote control, this option gives you the control and safety you need to manage and organize your lights to come off and on when needed.

In this post, I've gone over 10 various items that are the most popularly purchased at my store in Atlanta. Of course, your needs may require you to buy more of one item, or none at all of another.

No matter what your needs are, come down to your local Home Depot, and we can get you squared away with the best choices to safely control your holiday and Christmas lighting.

Let us know if you have any further questions,


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