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Toro Gas Trimmer

My Toro gas Trimmer starts well but now the gas trigger does not engage and the cutting head is always moving instead of the normal safety feature where it only moves when you hit the trigger...any thoughts?




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Posted 2011-08-14T02:48:33+0000  by bobvilla bobvilla

Hey bobvilla, I love your show.


When a trimmer is idling properly the head will stay still or barely spin. The trimmer has a throttle screw that when screwed in, will increase your idle. When it is screwed too far in then it will shorten the range of the throttle control. If it is Idling too high then you will want to back the screw off some. You will first need to take the air filter cover off to get access to it.



Back this off some and you will hear the trimmer idling down. (below)





If this is not doing the trick then the throttle cable has come disconnected somewhere from the unit. I run my trimmer 20 times a week and often have to deal with problems like this often. If this screw (Below) comes loose then it will stop holding the outer sheath of the cable causing the trigger to not work.



If no luck still then the problem is in here (below). Be careful taking this apart, and if you have a camera phone, take a picture of it when you get it apart that way you can remember how it goes back together. It will come apart with those 4 screws. Something has come loose, that needs reattaching.


Hit me up and let me know how things went.

Posted 2011-08-14T15:47:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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