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Toro Lawn Mower side discharge spring

How do you install the spring on the side discharge of a Toro Lawn Mower 20073?  I would think it would be very simple but I can't figure it out.  Please help.  I can't find any videos or pics online.  If I just had a pic i could figure it out.

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Posted 2013-07-08T21:19:36+0000  by lovefixingit lovefixingit

Howdy Lovefixingit,


I've had this question more than a few times and I'm glad you asked it. Here are some step by step instructions from Toro that might help you install a side discharge chute spring.




spring1.jpg     spring2.jpg


spring3.jpg  spring4.jpg




I hope this answers your question about installing the spring and side discharge chute.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2013-07-08T22:10:31+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

This picture really doesn't show me how the spring fits.  The spring is where I'm having the trouble fitting it.  I seem to not see how it fits to where it will give the discharge door the tension it had before where the spring wants to keep the door shut.  The way I have the spring on now seems to have no tension in keeping the door shut and when I attach the chute it falls off because there is not tension in the door wanting to close which is mainly what holds the chute on. 

Posted 2013-07-08T22:42:47+0000  by lovefixingit

My toro model is 20073 and the spring has 2 sets of hooks and in this diagram I only see one that sticks upward on the right side but cant see where the other hook on spring is.

Posted 2013-07-08T22:44:51+0000  by lovefixingit

Howdy again "lovefixingit",


I'm guessing the spring needs to be inserted into the black plastic chute first, then using the large ring part, put the tension on the larger part. If this seems hard to understand you might take a look at the video on the bottom of this post.





Here is Toro's video on how to change discharge chute.




Happy Gardening,

Posted 2013-07-09T00:50:40+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

I am very handy and a do it yourself on everything on my home.  However my Toro, model number 20073, spring does not look like the one in your picture below.  I guess the older model Toro has a spring that looks like the one in the picture does on the right side but also on the left side.  It doesn't have the big loop circle like the one in the picture you posted for me.  This is what is making it confusing I guess.  Here is what mine looks like.  On the cover that you would insert the spring to it has a hole on the left side to insert into but no hole or indication where it would be inserted on the right side.  This is what is so confusing.  I have tried to contact Toro by email on their website twice and have gotten no response back.  




Posted 2013-07-09T14:37:32+0000  by lovefixingit

Howdy again lovefixingit,


I think perhaps knowing that springs can push as well as pull might be the piece of the puzzle missing.


Usually if an item requires tension you would need to end put the spring on the mower first.


Next you could use some needle-nose pliers and grip the spring to insert in the chute.




If you can't locate another mower to look at the workings here is a last ditch effort before taking your mower to a lawnmower shop.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2013-07-11T19:59:36+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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