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Toro TimeMaster or Honda HRX

I have almost a 1/3 of an acre of almost flat grass.  I need to mulch due to township grass pickup issues.  I currently have a Toro 20331 that does not do well in mulching, I have replaced the blade, do the 1/3 cutting height rule, but without success.  The mower bugs down, tons of clipping stuck under the deck, and tons of grass clipping left behind on the grass.  Of course I clean the mower under deck thoroughly after my weekly cut (the washout connection is a joke), but without success. The reviews on the Toro TimeMaster are split.  From the best to don't buy.  What are your recommendation - TimeMaster or Honda HRX?     

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Posted 2013-08-14T15:51:57+0000  by eyaron eyaron

Hey eyaron.


If we were to factor out that one mower is a 30 inch cut vs. a 21 inch cut and that the Toro would save you time because it is 30% larger and we said that it was apples to apples, I would buy the Honda.


I have worked at The Home Depot for 16 years now and I have sold Honda for 16 years as well, before we carried Toro. I will say that Toro is a good mower but if you want a decision between the 2 then I will pick Honda, hands down. 


Honda cars are known for their quality and their mowers are no different. I bought my Honda mower from Depot 15 years ago, when I bought my house. It does great on hills because of its rear wheel drive, as front wheel drives lose traction when the bag starts to fill up. It mulches and bags better than other mowers because its 2 blades mulches and bags better.


For the sake of being fair, lets acknowledge that it is not apples to apples because you will save time with the Toro but you will save money with the Honda. The Honda will give you a motor that will last forever and the Toro will give you a good Briggs and Stratton motor.


Pound for pound you will get more with a Honda.

Toro 30 in. TimeMaster Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Walk-Behind Lawn Mower (50-State Engine)VSHonda 21 in. Nexite Deck Electric Start Gas Mower with Versamow Technology


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Posted 2013-08-15T20:14:00+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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