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Touch up near wall meets ceiling how to request

Hi - I just painted Behr Prem Plus Ultra Eggshell in Navajo White over the Behr Prem Plus Flat Enamel in a light blue (the light blue was painted one coat a couple of weeks ago and the second coat yesterday).  I did not like the blue color in the room so I put the Navajo White over it.  Had to use two coats of the navajo white, which it covered the blue in the walls, but I have this blue line where the wall meets the ceiling.  Any ideas to really blend this in?  Thank you.

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Posted 2013-04-27T18:35:56+0000  by katc katc

I actually used artistic brushes I found at Home Depot and added my color along the lines b/w wall and ceiling and looks great.

Posted 2013-04-28T02:56:59+0000  by katc



When touching up, the phrase "less is more" is appropriate. You want to touch up only that which is drawing your eye to that spot. The bigger the area you paint, the greater the chance that your touch up will be obvious.


To this end, use the blue delicate painters tape and tape the ceiling line just under the blue paint to be covered. This will allow you to use a small synthetic bristle paint brush to cover just the blue. The excess paint will be on the blue tape. Without the tape, you would have to go out on the ceiling somewhat. If the color and sheen of the touch up paint is not right on, the touch up will be visible.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-04-29T05:20:16+0000  by ordjen
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