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Track Lighting Guidance

I'm installing track lighting in my garage.  What are the limits on the length of track and the number of lights (realize this depends on wattage)?  Any issues with using CFL bulbs with PAR16 cans?

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Posted 2013-03-17T14:40:44+0000  by JP3904 JP3904

Hello JP3904.  Welcome to the Community!


If you are buying track lighting kits, the kit will tell you what the limits are on power, as it is usually the individual heads that will be wattage challenged.


The purchase of individual tracks and heads is not much different either.  The tracks can usually handle more power than the electrical circuit they will be attached to.  Here's an example:


Track Lighting.png


2,400 watts at 120 volts equals 20 amps.  That is a huge amount of lighting!

In any event I would not use the tracks as a substitute for conduit and outlet boxes.


As far as using CFL bulbs, they are great for energy efficiency but I have not seen any in a PAR 16 size.

Normally the head you choose will have a specific type of bulb, often halogen, which does not use a standard screw-in base.  Here is an example of a common track light bulb:


Flood Lamp.jpg

Is this what you are looking for?






Posted 2013-03-19T19:01:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

can track strips be cut to desired length?

Posted 2014-01-15T18:45:35+0000  by davidchestney

Hey davidchestney,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


As long as these are fixed track systems like the one shown below, these can be cut to fit the length you need.

So again, as long as these aren't flexible tracks you can cut these down. Be mindful though to use a good hacksaw and mitre box to ensure the cut is as smooth as possible. You most like will have to deburr any rough edges of the metal with a file.


The end piece on the tracks will need to be removed and then placed on the new cut end to ensure the new length will work.


Let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2014-01-15T19:55:03+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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