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Track lighting Installation in Cement

I just moved into a condo and would like to install track lighting.  I like this model: Hampton Bay Line Voltage FlexiTrack but it appears that it needs alot of anchoring into the ceiling.  This wouldn't be an issue if a dry wall ceiling had been dropped but I'd rather not leave potholes all over the cement.  I already have a hole w/ mains voltage (attached to a onoff switch) since a chandelier is currently installed there.


  • How would I "spackle" the ceiling if I wanted to replace this fixture later?
  • If I were to install this, how do I drill into cement?
  • Would some adhesive work in place of drilling?  The track doesn't seem too heavy, though it would be far away from its center (torque)

Would anyone recommend an alternative product or installation method?

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Posted 2012-03-06T19:00:38+0000  by noobThumb noobThumb

Thanks noobThunb for your question.   The flex track you picked is very attractive and easy to install even on concrete.  Simply use plastic anchors the correct size or the threaded track holder and drill the holes with a concrete bit.  A hammer drill makes the job quicker but a corded drill will work with strength and patience.   If the time comes to remove the track use a concrete patch compound and a putty knife and patch the holes.  You may need to repaint the ceiling.  If this is a rental property be sure and get the owners permission first. 


concrete patch.jpgI hope this helps.   Thanks David .  

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Posted 2012-03-08T15:27:00+0000  by Stukas

Thanks very much for your prompt and easy to understand reply.  I assume the plastic anchors you speak of are the  light-duty ones like these.  I'll have to investigate how that particular track lighting model screws in.


I think I have everything I need to commit to this!

Posted 2012-03-08T22:30:17+0000  by noobThumb

Yes they are.  Take one of the track holders with you to get the right size.  thanks

Posted 2012-03-15T18:29:00+0000  by Stukas
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