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Track shower door replacement

One of the doors to the double sliding door of our walk-in shower has been falling off the track; and, now one of the wheels has finally come off -- pretty rusted as well.  can't re-attach to apparatus.  shower door apparatus came with house as new install 15 years ago.  Shower door frame attached to tile.  How do I properly measure the door frame to replace the whole system?  Also what happens if the preset holes in the new door frame don't match up with the original holes in the tile from the original installation?



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Posted 2011-05-04T23:50:34+0000  by lrdglover lrdglover



My name is Tom, and I am known here in the community as HD 116. I have been a remodeler and fellow DIY'er for many years and would like to welcome you to our community.


Replacing shower doors is a great Do It Yourself project, and if you perform a search on the website you will see there are hundreds of styles and finishes from which to choose. You will begin by measuring the distance from wall to wall from top to bottom in 3 places, top bottom and center. Then take the widest measurement as the one used. The replacements will fit a range of measurements as framing varies. Choose the style you would like to install, and read all of the manufacturers directions prior to beginning the installation. (This is quite useful)


Remove the existing doors and frame, scraping the old caulk off the tiles and then follow with cleaning the surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Fill old holes with the kitchen and bath caulk chosen for finishing your door and you are ready to get started with your replacement.


Due to the popularity of this project,  we at Home Depot have included it as one of our Project Guides. A link to our guide is found here;


You will find that the guide includes all of the tools, materials, and instructions needed to complete the project.


We here would love to see before and after pictures of your project. Please feel free to post them here as you go.


Thanks again for joining our community, and Happy Remodeling!






Posted 2011-05-05T12:53:10+0000  by HD116
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