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I'm upset, really upset.

I was researching product availability on for a question asked on this forum and when I went to refine my search by manufacturer, the page wouldn't load correctly.  Hmmm.  I use the Ghostery extension for my browser which blocks trackers.  So I temporarily turn off Ghostery and surprise, surprise the page loads correctly.  As if that wasn't annoying enough Ghostery is reporting that Home Depot uses 18, count 'em eighteen different trackers:

  1. Adobe Test & Target
  2. Brightcove
  3. Certona
  4. Click Tail
  5. Crazy Egg
  6. Critero
  7. Doubleclick
  8. Doubleclick Floodlight
  9. Dstillery
  10. Ensighten
  11. Facebook Custom Audience
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Google Dynamic Remarketing
  14. Live Person
  15. Live Ramp
  16. Media Optimizer
  17. Omniture
  18. Turn, Inc.

Now I can be somewhat understanding of all this garbage on sites that provide content for free (e.g., news channels, technology sites) but the last time I was in Home Depot nobody gave me a free 2x4.

Is it really necessary for Home Depot to squeeze out the last 1/100 of one cent tracking it's customers 18 ways to Sunday?   How about instead of spending the money on a bunch of highly paid software engineers to write all this crap, putting staff on the sales floor and earning money the old fashioned way, with great customer service.

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Posted 2016-01-28T04:09:14+0000  by Adam444 Adam444

Funny, you're not the only person using Ghostery, as it's posted on the Ghostery website prominently. 

Posted 2016-01-28T14:24:46+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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