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Traffic Master Allure vinyl plank, Stair landing has metal strapping, Remove?

Hello, I am working on removing carpet on the 2nd floor to install Traffic Master Allure vinyl planks. We are now at the stairs and the landing looks like its going to be a problem. The landing has metal strapping coming out between the decorative step and the plywood on 2nd floor. The strap on left is not near the stringer. The one on right is next to the stringer. The strapping is pretty thick, its almost the same thickness of the vinyl plank.

We had two ideas of doing this.  1. find a way to flatten the strapping into the plywood so it may be flush with wood floor. Or 2, cut off the strapping.  If we cut off the strapping, would it be any problem? Is the strapping just added security holding to hold stairs or its not necessary?

Thank you

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Posted 2016-02-10T03:24:47+0000  by foxer10 foxer10
Was trying to upload pics but its not working here. 
Here are some links to pics of what im talking about, thank you

Posted 2016-02-10T03:31:01+0000  by foxer10

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your questions and welcome to the community.

Also, thanks for uploading the images; that helps us immensely.

I placed one of the images below so other viewers can see what you are encountering.

In terms of the strapping, it's really up to you whether you'd want to remove it or keep it as is. However, at the end of the day no matter what you decide, the floor itself in that area must be within an 1/8" per square foot so that the new Allure planks can successfully go over it without issue.

No one here, as well as myself, knows where the strapping goes in terms of its exact purpose....but if you do remove it via drills and/or grinding tool, you'll need to replace it with fastening floor joist rated screws in its place. My guess is that the straps were put in there in place to fasten the subfloor to the joists for added security.

The other option is to leave everything as is, and then add floor leveling compound in that area to smooth out everything within 1/8" per square foot of levelness.

Doing this can take more work, but it can and will fill and cover up the straps as well as holes/cracks in the subfloor.

Judging from the images, you have a slightly rounded stair nose. This can be covered up with a new stair nose matching the Allure thickness and color/finish or using a metal edge trim.

In either case, you may need to remove or alter the existing nose so that any new one can successfully go over it. But first, try the new stair nose of your choice and first see how it will fit.

Let us know if you have any additional questions regarding your flooring.


Posted 2016-02-13T19:42:30+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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