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TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Plank Flooring

Hey everyone!


Last week I was fortunate enough to help install quite possibly the best resilient flooring that's out there. 


Let me introduce you to to TrafficMaster's new Allure Ultra Resilient Plank flooring, sold exclusively at The Home Depot!


While we have done some posts on the community regarding standard Allure flooring already,  this post to to inform you that Allure Ultra steps up and improves upon the great performance Allure already does. 


All around and pound for pound, Allure Ultra goes further with the same technology that regular Allure does, but with key features that make installation easier and gives an affordable solution to areas that are prone to water and moisture.


The main takeaway I wanted to share on this post is the fundamental difference in the way Allure Ultra is installed versus standard Allure flooring. 


Below is a picture demonstrating how Allure Ultra is being installed. Notice on the top picture how the Clic-lock technology allows for easy installation. The planks snap together by angling the plank to the other just like you would with click-wood or laminate flooring. The picture below is the standard Allure flooring that uses the Grip-Strip to secure the planks together. Grip Strip is an adhesive that works great for installing the floor and keeping it secure, but the Clic-lock technology in Allure Ultra makes installation and upkeep much easier.



Both kinds install to themselves as a "floating" system, so no glue or nails are needed to secure them into place. Both also need to be secured on the edges by leaving a 1/4" gap between the floor and wall and placing molding on top of them so as not to allow for drastic shifts. 


So other than installing, what makes Allure Ultra the best resilient flooring out there? Well, I'll list several features here that make it the best choice for your floor:



  • 20 mil wear layer thickness. Compare that to 7mm is some laminate plank floors!
  • 100% water-proof. But it is NOT a water-proofing product. Any moisture problems need to be addressed before installation
  • has a CBT (Ceramic Bead Technology) coating for added wear and durability!
  • can be installed over uneven sub-floors or existing floors such as natural wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, and even ceramic. But remember, any loose or damaged floors should be fixed prior to installing Allure Ultra over the old floor
  • Allure Ultra is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and best cleaning are done with SingleStep Allure cleaner 
Below are samples of the two colors we currently have in-stock in most stores. Also, be sure to check out further samples through special order of more colors as well. 


For any further information on this great new product, check out Home Depot's video, you can find it here


Hopefully this post will get you on the right path to choosing the easiest, durable, and affordable high-quality resilient flooring that you can get for your next flooring project!


Have a great day,


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Posted 2011-03-21T15:29:24+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

We just saw the resilient flooring yesterday and are considering it in our family room. I saw another stores resilient flooring that was peel and stick. That particular flooring specified not for floors with radiant heat, we have radiant floor heat in the family room. Is the Allure okay to use being that it is a floating floor? And what about stairs, can it be used? I think it would look funny carpeted stairs coming off of a slate floor down to a "wood' floor.

Posted 2011-07-31T16:35:39+0000  by kristyseb

Hey there kristyseb,


A very good question you pose!


You can indeed put this over a radiant heat element, as long as it's electric or hydronic. It should not be installed if the temperatures will ever exceed 85° F (or 30°C if you fancy metric.) It also needs to be a minimum of 1/2" below the actual product. So it is do-able, just with some minor caveats.


As for the stairs, mixing all those different flooring styles would definitely be a faux pas. I have had people do the actual Allure product on the stairs before.



This particular customer opted to do their stairs using the Allure product, and it came out very nicely actually. You can see from the picture that they opted to cover both the tread and the riser of the stair, and used stair trimming to keep it in place. The Allure that is on the riser of the stair is held down by the pressure from the trim on both edges, but you can also opt to glue it down using a urethane based glue if you'd like as well.


Hope that helps answer your questions and gets you back on track with your project. Let us know how it goes! =D

Posted 2011-08-04T15:09:57+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Can Allure Ultra be un-snapped if a plank does get damaged and needs to be replaced?  


The embossing on the surface is deeper than on laminate.  Is it hard to keep clean?  


How long until Home Depot carries some of the tile-look patterns in-stock?  


Does "100% waterproof" only apply to the individual planks, or does it mean that a puddle will not penetrate the seams to the subfloor?  


For a kitchen or bath in a rental unit, do you think the long-term cost of your in-stock patterns would be comparable with glued laminate?  How about with installing new underlayment and sheet vinyl?

Posted 2011-08-05T22:24:37+0000  by shoppingperson

Hello shoppingperson!


Thanks for your question, and welcome to the community!


I will answer your questions in the order in which you asked them:


Can Allure Ultra be un-snapped if a plank does get damaged and needs to be replaced?  


Yes you can un-snap the planks! That's what makes them easier to disassemble over regular Allure. When purchasing Allure flooring, be sure to buy at least 10% over not only for corner or irregular areas, but for extra pieces, just in case.


The embossing on the surface is deeper than on laminate.  Is it hard to keep clean?  


Actually the embossing surface is right at the same level as most higher quality laminates we sell by brands such as DuPont and Pergo. The surface is rounded and not acute, allowing for very easy cleaning. As for routinely keeping your Allure Ultra floor looking its best use  Allure's Single Step Cleaner and Polish. This will allow for your floor to keep it's shine and clean appearance.



How long until Home Depot carries some of the tile-look patterns in-stock?


That is a good question, and one that will vary depending on where you live and if we decide to sell them in-stock, which would be something that I couldn't even answer.


I always tell my customers that special ordering them isn't a bad word, the price can be the same as the in-stock counterparts, and you get way more selection. The lead times I have found are pretty quick, around 5-7 business days. Check your local store and speak to a flooring specialist who can assist you with getting the tile-look Allure Ultra planks.


Does "100% waterproof" only apply to the individual planks, or does it mean that a puddle will not penetrate the seams to the subfloor?  


Good question. The waterproofing ability of Allure Ultra will be applied to the entire surface of the floor. The way the tongue and groove system of the flooring works, when installed properly, will allow for the entire surface to be protected for the residential life of it. As I always say, the planks are going to be as strong as their weakest link, which would be the area where the floor meets the wall. To ensure water doesn't get in there, place your moulding against the wall alongside a good amount of 100% silicone to make sure the edges are watertight. Working in flooring for many years, I found out this is the area most customer's don't consider when it comes to completely getting a waterproof floor. Below is a diagram of the edge of the Allure planks in action alongside trim and the silicone sealant. 



In the event you do have a puddle, you will need to clean and mop up the area thoroughly so as to allow the planks to function properly. 


For a kitchen or bath in a rental unit, do you think the long-term cost of your in-stock patterns would be comparable with glued laminate?  How about with installing new underlayment and sheet vinyl?


If I personally were going to install Allure Ultra in a rental unit, I know I would be making a wise decision over other resilient floors. Laminates nowadays don't typically glue down, but they do float just like the Allure systems. Laminates aren't typically used in wet location areas like bathrooms, but kitchen areas are fine as long as any water or liquids are cleaned up promptly on the floor. Also with Allure and Allure Ultra planks, you will NOT need to place underlayment down since the substrate is vinyl which allows for it's own cushioning. You would only need additional surfaces underneath, such as luan plywood or self-leveling floor compound, if the existing subfloor is bad or uneven. As with anything you purchase in life, you will pay more for quality. Therefore, you can find higher quality laminates and sheet vinyl flooring with the same or even higher warranties as Allure Ultra, but you won't get the same ease of installation as well as ease of replacement when the time ever comes to replace a plank.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-08-06T15:55:03+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thank you for your excellent responses!  I am delighted to know the whole floor surface is waterproof.  It seemed too good to be true.  This product puts a new spin on kitchen & bath flooring.  As to the ease of keeping the Clear Cherry pattern clean, I suppose it helps to mop in the direction of the grainlines.  I am a little concerned that the manufacturer has come out with a cleaner and polish, though.  That implies that the floor won't look good unless the polish product is used.  I'm a suspicious shopper!  

Posted 2011-08-07T00:00:54+0000  by shoppingperson


I am currently installing this flooring in my basement bathroom and I dont know if I am "clicking" the pieces together right. When I do it as the video shows (connecting edges first and then just sliding them together), it seems like the seams are loose and some of them look really loose. When i join the horizontal edges at a greater angle I hear the pieces "click" but then the seams seem to have a bend to them and one edge of the floor comes off of the ground slightly. Is this the right way to do it and allow the wieght of the floor to pull the edges down, or am I doing it all wrong.


Thank you for your help,


Posted 2011-08-07T20:37:41+0000  by mizzandan

Can you tell me the difference between the new Allure Ultra and the Mill Creek flooring product?

Posted 2011-08-08T22:03:17+0000  by jnelson



Good question! I have heard of other companies who have their own versions of Allure, and Mill Creek has come up a few times before.


It's kind of a ketchup-catsup type situation, where it's really synonymous for the same type of flooring. That Mill Creek is also a click lock like the Ultra and has a PVC substrate.


The products are very similar, but it seems that the Mill Creek style is much more limited in color options, so it may not prove as versatile .

Posted 2011-08-11T20:16:40+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Hey there mizzandan,


Sorry to hear about your troubles with the floor. Let's see if we can get it situated though = D




Above is my attempt at making my diagram of the *snapping* process. By no means is it geometrically sound, but I never claimed to be a math professor = D


The key is to get the planks slid in at the right angle. When the product first came out, it took me a bit of time myself to get the hang of the process too. It's very similar to laminate, but also rather different, so I share in your struggle. Right around 15 to 20° is the place to be it seems, the "click-zone" as I call it.


Your seams shouldn't be loose at all, as that will not give the product it's waterproofing. Nor should you have a bend to any of the planks either. It seems perhaps part of the lock didn't catch...but at least this product gives you re-do's!


Give this a try if it's a bit different than how you've been going about it. If you are still having trouble, let us know or also see about stopping in at your local store. Perhaps seeing it up close and visually will help you get the knack for it.

Posted 2011-08-11T21:01:31+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

The Allure ULTRA is the newest product by Traffic Master sold only at Home Depot. Unlike the first Allure, it has NO STICKING connections.  It snaps together.  It's much thicker and durable.... lookes better but more costly too.  I do love it... and would recommend it to others, but Traffic Master has a few things they need to improve on.

1. NO INSTRUCTIONS came with the planks.... not even on the box.
It would be easy to make big mistakes if you don't hunt down all the instructions!


2. NOT so easy to cut/score with ultility knife! Yes I had new sharp blades. I'm a drummer, my hands are strong... but I pushed down so hard over and over to score it that my hands really hurt after 20 mins. So I tried cutting them with a hack saw, jig saw and chop saw. Ridiculous because it is floppy and made a big mess. Just about to try my friend's table saw, but the Home Depot worker warned me if would melt and ruin the planks.
Back to scoring... (Good news it that it takes a lot to put a dent/scratch in this!)


3. What click? Easy to "think" you got it connected correctly when you don't. I found a few planks had very slight gaps and had to take it apart and start over!


4. Really hard to connect a side and top piece at the same time. I struggled 10 minutes with each one... you get the plank's top connected and then try to connect the side too... and the top part comes apart again...*!##


5. No matching theshold pieces available.


6. Very wastful - had to use entire planks to put in short pieces against the wall. Had to re-order another box just to put in a few small areas, despite have tons of leftover cut pieces. Take 14 days to get the planks by special order.


7. I have no idea what NOT to do with the finished floor! Can I use commercial cleaning agents? Bleach and water??? They really need to print something to keep for future instructions inside the box.


8. It has a lifetime warrenty... where do we go to replace a plank or two?
I should not have to hunt all over the web to get these instructions.

Posted 2011-08-28T21:44:28+0000  by customerS
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