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TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Plank Flooring

Hey everyone!


Last week I was fortunate enough to help install quite possibly the best resilient flooring that's out there. 


Let me introduce you to to TrafficMaster's new Allure Ultra Resilient Plank flooring, sold exclusively at The Home Depot!


While we have done some posts on the community regarding standard Allure flooring already,  this post to to inform you that Allure Ultra steps up and improves upon the great performance Allure already does. 


All around and pound for pound, Allure Ultra goes further with the same technology that regular Allure does, but with key features that make installation easier and gives an affordable solution to areas that are prone to water and moisture.


The main takeaway I wanted to share on this post is the fundamental difference in the way Allure Ultra is installed versus standard Allure flooring. 


Below is a picture demonstrating how Allure Ultra is being installed. Notice on the top picture how the Clic-lock technology allows for easy installation. The planks snap together by angling the plank to the other just like you would with click-wood or laminate flooring. The picture below is the standard Allure flooring that uses the Grip-Strip to secure the planks together. Grip Strip is an adhesive that works great for installing the floor and keeping it secure, but the Clic-lock technology in Allure Ultra makes installation and upkeep much easier.



Both kinds install to themselves as a "floating" system, so no glue or nails are needed to secure them into place. Both also need to be secured on the edges by leaving a 1/4" gap between the floor and wall and placing molding on top of them so as not to allow for drastic shifts. 


So other than installing, what makes Allure Ultra the best resilient flooring out there? Well, I'll list several features here that make it the best choice for your floor:



  • 20 mil wear layer thickness. Compare that to 7mm is some laminate plank floors!
  • 100% water-proof. But it is NOT a water-proofing product. Any moisture problems need to be addressed before installation
  • has a CBT (Ceramic Bead Technology) coating for added wear and durability!
  • can be installed over uneven sub-floors or existing floors such as natural wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, and even ceramic. But remember, any loose or damaged floors should be fixed prior to installing Allure Ultra over the old floor
  • Allure Ultra is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and best cleaning are done with SingleStep Allure cleaner 
Below are samples of the two colors we currently have in-stock in most stores. Also, be sure to check out further samples through special order of more colors as well. 


For any further information on this great new product, check out Home Depot's video, you can find it here


Hopefully this post will get you on the right path to choosing the easiest, durable, and affordable high-quality resilient flooring that you can get for your next flooring project!


Have a great day,


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Posted 2011-03-21T15:29:24+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Hi, I see that these posts are several years old I apologize for bringing the subject back up.  We have recently purchased allure vinyl tile and vinyl plank to do our entire house and our experience so far has been quite frustrating. We can not seem to get the pieces to click together.  We get one in place and several others come undone.  We have followed all the acclimation instructions, this is a brand new house so the basement floor is level.  We also have radiant heat so the temperature is good.  Not sure what we are doing wrong.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 2019-02-25T19:25:00+0000  by logemagu
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