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 Does Home Depot sell a little transfer pump that I can use to pump the water out of my aquarium into the sink or the drain 
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Posted 2016-02-08T21:11:53+0000  by Taper Taper

Hello Taper,

We have a number of pumps that’ll do just the job you’re looking for. Siphon pumps and drill pumps are some of the smallest and least expensive options. Siphon pumps come in both motorized and hand pump options. In the case of drill pumps you will need to have a drill on hand to serve as the motor for the pump.


The size (gallons held) and how quickly you want the water moved out the aquarium will also help determine what type of pump will best serve you. An option I recommend a number of my customers personally is the non-submersible transfer pump. It’s sold in just about every store and is a great and versatile pump to have on hand. I’m especially fond of the standard garden hose size connections and skimmer attachment.


Note that with this transfer pump the motor is non-submersible. I’ve included links to the full selection of transfer pumps here. I hope this helps.





Posted 2016-02-08T21:45:54+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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